By TMoM Team Member Rachel Hoeing

If you are struggling to find physical fitness that you truly enjoy, look no further. Jazzercise has been a favorite form of cardio for over 50 years! Why? Because it is constantly changing to keep up with the trending music, latest dance moves, and safest yet most effective workouts. Why else has it been a favorite for over 50 years? Because it works.

Not only will you see your health improve, and your body strengthen, but you will make friendships that will last a lifetime.

What about the current COVID restrictions, you ask? Jazzercise Winston-Salem is following the guidelines of our state and is currently hosting classes live online, which means you can still drop comments in the chat box and your instructors still find ways to develop personal relationships with members. As the guidelines change, so will class structure. But as of now, you have 25 live classes each week from a variety of different instructors. Get ready to enjoy exercise again with fun music and moves!

Jazzercise has an April Challenge coming in HOT and you can get in on all the fun, freebies, and unlimited fitness for just $75, no strings attached! PLUS, attend 25 classes in April and you’ll score your very own set of muscle-sculpting mini-bands! Click here to get in on the fun! 

And now, we figured what better way to give you a glimpse into the Jazzercise lifestyle than to hear from those who love it the most. We asked six of our local instructors why they Jazzercise. Enjoy reading their answers below, and then click here to sign up for your first class!

Debbie Lotiks

My Jazzercise journey started nearly 30 years ago when I joined my mom for classes in Colorado. I was hooked from the start! I’ve been teaching Jazzercise for nearly 26 years now and could not imagine any other fitness program in my life.

Our program is always evolving, challenging, trendy (don’t let the name fool you), engaging, and FUN! I’ve also found a wonderfully supportive community of women, many of which I’ve developed lifetime friendships. Jazzercise is really something special … a program for all ages, sizes, and fitness levels.



Eve Snider
Jazzercise has staying power! It has been the leading dance fitness program for FIVE DECADES and long gone are the days of leotards and leg warmers. The choreography and music are always fresh and Jazzercise is guaranteed to be the most fun hour of “working out” you will ever have.

I started as a student about twenty years ago and quickly certified in Washington state. I moved to California for work and guess what? I taught there, too. After my second child was born, I took a break from instruction to focus on family and work. I still took class occasionally but sought fitness through running and yoga.

Then I moved to North Carolina last year and within a couple of weeks, I was signed back up for Jazzercise. I couldn’t believe how much I had missed the dancing and the community. Truly, some of my life’s very best friends were made through Jazzercise.  It isn’t just about the fitness, it is about the support and encouragement you get the moment you walk in the door. After my first class in Winston Salem, I knew I would re-certify, and this summer I did!


Melissa Robinson

I LOVE JAZZERCISE! It is truly the only workout I can stick with.

I began as a student in the late 80’s and began teaching in 1992. For someone like me with absolutely no dance experience it only took a couple of classes to get the hang of it. I have continued with Jazzercise all these years because it keeps me healthy, not just physically, but mentally. The workouts include variations of each movement to cater to those who may want more high-impact or low-impact. This is a workout regardless of age or fitness level.



Meredith Bullard

I fell in love with Jazzercise after doing dance in high school and googled “dance exercise fitness.” That’s how I discovered our program in 2007!

I signed up before taking a class, became an instructor a year and a half later as a personal challenge to get out of my introverted shell, and the stage is where I really feel at home. It’s been the only fitness regime I’ve stuck with because the community is encouraging, the workouts/music make exercise fun, and ever-changing, and I’ve made the best friends with our students and awesome team of instructors. Each class comes with options for impact, modifications, and I’ve seen our customers make a real difference in their health, confidence, and gain a community they were seeking. This is what I feel keeps our customer base strong.

If you’re seeking fun, dynamic classes with diverse instructors, come check us out!


Kris Bruno

Jazzercise has been a part of my life for over 40 years! My first class was when I was about 15 years’ old with my mother. I remember being in the very back of the room of about 100 students feeling so self-conscious. But I fell in love that day with the most amazing dance fitness program! I continued over the years taking classes throughout high school and college and ultimately becoming an instructor in 1993 until 2005. I continued as a student and missed it so much that I recertified in 2013 and taught until 2015. After moving to NC from upstate NY, I decided to recertify again(!) in late 2019.

Jazzercise has changed with the times to keep it current, safe and effective. Besides the fact that Jazzercise is a program that makes you feel like your dancing and not just “exercising” and provides a combination of HIIT cardio, aerobic exercise and functional fitness strength work.

One of my favorite parts of Jazzercise is the sense of community. Wherever I have lived and taken Jazzercise, there has always been a wonderful community of women (and some men!) that have welcomed new students with open arms and encouraged each other, new and veteran! We know everyone’s names, we care about each other and their families, and we all share so much. Even through the pandemic where we have only been live-streaming classes, we keep up with and support each other. Jazzercise is really so much more than just an exercise program, and I feel so blessed to be a part of it!

I encourage anyone, no matter their fitness level, age, size, etc., to try this fantastic program…they will not be disappointed!


Jennifer Brown 

I was hooked on Jazzercise the first time I attended a “dance party” event. I’ve done about every form of exercise and many sports in my lifetime, and Jazzercise fits the bill completely for my workout needs.

There is a  wide variety of classes offered at all times of the day. Having so many instructors on staff is a testament to our love of the experience and it provides customers with options for different formats and music genres. Jazzercise has grown and evolved with the times such that after 50 years, it is my #1 recommendation for any person interested in having FUN while “working out.”


If you’ve felt a twinge of interest while reading this blog, why not give Jazzercise a shot? You’ve got a new way of life right here at your fingertips! Click here to view the schedule and options and sign up for your first class!


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