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Core Gymnastics
3403 Horse Pen Creek Rd
Greensboro, NC 27410
(336) 763-2295

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Here is what CORE says about their programs:

Preschool, Recreational and Pre-Competitive

Parent/Child Gymnastics (2–3 years old, coed)
45 min/week, $75/month
*parent participation required

Our parent/child classes are not only the perfect introduction to your child’s first gymnastics experience, but more importantly, an amazing bonding opportunity for you and your toddler. In these classes, you will help your child activate muscle groups not usually performed in the everyday setting which will help establish a good foundation for movement and skill.

Preschool Gymnastics (3–4 years old, coed)
*children must be potty-trained
45 min/week, $75/month

Our youngest level of independent classes will introduce your child to working alongside their
peers and taking direction from someone other than their parents. This class will focus on basic, yet
fundamental progressions for beginning gymnastics skills and promote the importance of an active
lifestyle and gaining confidence in their physical abilities.

Kindergarten Gymnastics (5–6 years old, coed)
*recommended for children who’ve taken at least a year of preschool gymnastics
1 hr/week, $90/month

Our Kindergarten gymnastics classes continue to work on skill progressions while helping children
develop physically as well as cognitively. Studies have shown that children who participate in physical
activity excel in reading and math skills, along with many other skills that will help your child get
classroom ready, making our classes a great compliment to your child’s busy school schedule.

Girls Recreational Gymnastics (6–12 years old, girls)
*recommended for girls in first grade and higher
1 hr/week, $90/month

Our school-aged gymnastics curriculum incorporates a progression-based approach for girls of all
athletic abilities. Each class is organized by age to maximize learning maturities, and instruction
is based on the skill-level of each child. Skills are broken down into small, fundamental parts,
allowing students to consistently experience success, while gaining skills at an appropriate rate for
their individual strength and ability levels.

Birthday Parties (ages 3-12)

Who’s invited? Your birthday child and 15 party guests (an extra 8 guests available for an additional fee).
What’s included? 1.5 hours of birthday fun (extra 30 minutes available for an additional fee)! Plus, the birthday child gets a free t-shirt and all the party guests get a party favor and a free-class coupon! Friday nights at 5:30 and Saturday afternoons at 1:00 or 3:30.
Why do we do them? Because a child’s birthday is one of the most important days of their life and it only happens once a year! We want to make sure it’s as spectacular as possible.