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Cone Health Women’s Hospital has developed an award-winning website that packages the entire birthing experience together for young parents. gives families quicker access to birthing information including signing up for childbirth classes, pre-registering for care, registering for the baby’s birth certificate, lining up your child’s health care provider and getting the needed info about car seat safety.

The site gives expectant moms easy digital access to needed information (with the layout optimized for mobile devices, of course) and guides them through the process. Our iconic mom-to-be on the site is illustrated in various stages of the exciting process. From taking a birthing class to the baby’s first doctor’s visit following discharge, the website provides answers for mom and baby care following discharge. It even has a popular downloadable checklist for what to pack for her hospital stay.

While the site is chock full of helpful info, a special landing page sums up the six things that need to happen prior to arrival at the hospital. Be sure to tell patients to visit to ensure they are prepared for their baby’s arrival.

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