Win 3 Sprays ~ each spray is valued at $69 ~ from Mosquito Joe of Greensboro West! These mosquito treatments also rid your yard from fleas, ticks and smaller stink bugs.  Safe for pets and kids after it dries.

Mosquito Joe of Greensboro West rids your yard of mosquitoes (obviously) as well as fleas, ticks and smaller stink bugs. We are on a three week cycle so that your yard gets better and better over time (from 80% to 95%). We don’t believe in contracts so as long as you are happy with the service we are happy to come out. We mix on site so that we can tailor the spray to your yard. We have a respray program where if there is an outbreak between the normal cycle we will zip out and retreat the trouble spots of the yard as a bridge until your next cycle. We drive arguably the ugliest van you have ever seen and to drive something that ugly you really need to like what you do (it is also a great deterrent for high school girls to drive to school).

Mosquito Joe of Greensboro West is located in Greensboro at 3820 North Elm, Suite 101. Call Steve Brock at 336-652-2300. Visit them online HERE and on Facebook HERE.


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