Win a $100 Massage Envy Gift Card from Giving Juice! With school starting back up, now is the perfect time for moms to treat themselves. What better way than with a massage!

At Giving Juice, they’re passionate about their USDA Organic, Non-GMO, No Added Sugar, No Preservatives, 100% Fruit Juice. It is the story behind Giving that drives them. The story of their son, John Paul. John Paul George was born with half a heart, but he lived life with unbounded courage and strength. He revealed that one’s greatest weakness can become one’s greatest strength. His trademark smile and sparkling eyes remind them of his story of love, grace, miracles, and most of all – hope.

Although John Paul is no longer with them on earth, his legacy lives on through Giving Juice. With every sip of Giving, they give back to those in need and put smiles on as many faces as possible!

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