Win an Easter Gift Pack from Wilkerson Moravian Bakery! This prize is valued at $120. TMoM will announce one lucky winner on Friday, April 8. Click the link at the bottom of this post to enter this giveaway.

Wilkerson Moravian Bakery is a family-owned and operated business. Just like their great-grandfather, they bake to preserve an early American tradition of making Moravian Cookies, Sugar Cake and more with delicate mastery and protected craftsmanship. Balancing spice with mystique, sugar with savory, and flavor with memories. The Wilkersons are proud to carry on their family’s legacy together bringing you The Taste You Remember.

You can visit their current shop at 50 Miller St. Suite B, Winston-Salem, NC 27104, or ship gifts to loved ones at

Follow their storybook on Facebook and Instagram: @WilkersonBakery #TasteTellstheTruth.

Easter Gift PackGiveaway Prize: Wilkerson Easter Gift Pack
*Comes with 2 craft boxes, each adorned in a purple “Happy Easter” sticker (as pictured). 

The Original Thin
—1 Moravian Spice Cookies Jar (7.5oz)
— 1 Moravian Sugar Cookies Jar (7oz)
— 1 Moravian Lemon Cookies Bag (8oz)
— 1 Moravian Sugared Ginger Cookies Bag (8oz)
— 1 Moravian Butter Rum Cookies Bag (8oz) (aka “Blackbeard’s Cookie”)
— 1 Moravian Orange Brandy Cookies Bag (8oz)

The Original “Famous”
— 2 Moravian Sugar Cakes (14oz each)
— 1 Moravian Lovefeast Buns (pack of 6)
— 1 Moravian Hot Cross Buns (pack of 6)

The Original Southern
— 1 Carolina Cheese Straws Bag (7oz)

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