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Each Holy Trinity Day School camp lasts one week and is structured around a different theme. Through an age-appropriate, play-based curriculum, students will explore, create, and connect with the theme through meaningful, hands-on activities geared towards preschoolers’ natural curiosity and investigative nature. A winner will be announced on April 18!

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Camps are for ages 3 months – 6 years and run from 9 am – 1 pm. For campers younger than 12 months, camp is only offered on Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday of each camp week ($105 Value). Learn more about their program at

May 26-29: Helping Hands
Young children love to help, and it is a wonderful way for them to role-play and learn.  Helping Hands will focus on kindness and helping others through service.  Possible service projects include creating cards for the infirmed, donating canned food for Urban Ministry, or baking cookies for firemen.  Throughout the week, campers will be active participants in making our world a better place through their own “helping hands.”

June 1-5:  Let’s Go Camping
This camp will foster an appreciation of nature.  Campers will experience camping fun and the great outdoors through camping activities and adventures, including taking a nature walk, identifying sounds of nature, singing campfire songs, going fishing, and playing in tents.  Students will also learn about sun safety and skin protection.

June 8-12:  A is for Animals
Students attending this camp will become mini zoologists, as they learn about the amazing animal world.  Campers will learn about feathered friends, jungle animals, and barnyard animals, as they investigate animal sounds, habitats, diets, and movement.  Campers will also be involved in a “Meet the Animals: program from the Greensboro’s Natural Science Center.

June 15-19: Sizzling Summer Science
Preschoolers’ love of investigation, questioning and getting messy make them natural scientists.  At this camp, your young scientist will explore several topics such as buoyancy, chemical reactions, and force, through fun activities that are geared towards his/her curious, active mind.  It is sure to be a week full of scientific discovery.

July 27-31:  Pirates and Princesses
No description needed.  Just tell your preschooler that he/she is going to our Pirates and Princesses camp and watch him/her smile.  Dramatic play, treasure hunts, and stories will abound as your child creates and becomes part of a world of “Pirates and Princesses.”

August 3-7:  Crazy Creations
This camp will focus on creating and constructing.  Young artists and builders will have a blast as they explore and experiment with a variety of materials such as legos, floam, beads, wood, paint and much more.  Let the creation begin!