By TMoM Team Member Anna Keller

This time of year, with the colder temps outside and fewer daylight hours, it can sometimes be challenging to help our kids get their energy out or keep them engaged and having fun. For those on the hunt for some fun winter indoor activity ideas, you’re in the right place!

Build a fort

My kids got Nugget pillows as their big Christmas gift, so the fort building game is strong at our house these days. Even without something like that, help your children collect fort-building materials (blankets, sturdy pillows, chairs, etc.) and let them go to town.

Visit a trampoline park

For those days when you need to leave the house but it’s too cold to play outside, hit up a local trampoline park! The whole family will love bouncing and playing together, staying warm and getting all those wiggles out.

Trampoline Park

Go to an indoor water park

Ready to break out the big guns? Consider a day or weekend trip to an indoor water park!

Plant an indoor garden

You can use an egg carton or small cups for this project – no special equipment required! Planting herbs indoors can be a great route to take, and your children will love watching the fruits (er…herbs) of their labor come to life before their eyes. (Once they’re ready to use, involve your kids in including what you’ve grown in dishes. They’ll be so proud that they played a big role in the meal’s flavor, AND they’ll be more likely to happily eat it themselves!)

Bake something yummy together

My daughter and I love baking together any time of year, but in the winter I find we do it even more often. To make the activity even more fun (and longer), bake something you can then decorate – what kid doesn’t love adding frosting and sprinkles to their creation? (Quick tip: Look for sprinkles that are free from artificial dyes, and that are colored with natural dyes like vegetables instead.)

Have an indoor picnic

We love this activity for cold days or for rainy ones, and it inevitably makes a meal so much more whimsical. Eating together on the living room floor? How neat! Put down a blanket, lay out the spread, and enjoy this special mealtime.

Host a kitchen dance party or open mic night

We love an impromptu dance party while dinner’s being cooked, but an open mic night takes things up a notch. Consider having your kids really go all out by creating tickets for the event, and even assigning songs for everyone to sing.

Indoor Dance Party

Do arts and crafts

This can be as simple as just coloring, which can keep both of my kiddos occupied for a while (and is something they enjoy doing together, too). Or you can get a little more sophisticated/structured and find a cute craft idea on Pinterest or Instagram to tackle. We’ve also loved Kids Art Box subscriptions for my 5-year-old, which come in themed boxes filled with fun, creative, Montessori-style crafts she and I LOVE doing together!

Share your favorite indoor activities in the comments below!

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