By TMoM Team Member Katie Moosbrugger

In today’s Sunday Spotlight:

~ YMCA Sports Programs Open for Registration
~ Greensboro Day School Accepting Applications for 2021-22 School Year
~ Pre-Order Your Thanksgiving Turkey at Smoke City Meats
~ Buy $40 in Pampers Products & Save On Your Next Shopping Trip


YMCA Sports Programs Open for Registration

We asked our YMCA Sports Parents, “What did you or your child like the most about the season?” Here is what they said.

~ “Getting to play and meet new friends.”
~ “She loved everything about this season. Her coach was awesome! Great team!”
~ “Being active in a sport they enjoy.”
~ “I was most impressed when the referee stopped and tied the shoe of a player.”
~ “He loves the encouraging environment.”
~ “The level of engagement and communication received from the coach helps to make parents feel committed to the YMCA program. My son enjoyed playing the game.”

Come play where it’s more than a game and register today for an upcoming sport season or skills session. To learn more about YMCA Sports, including sport offerings and registration, CLICK HERE.

Still have questions? If so, please call the Sports Staff directly at (336) 448-3853. To view their Sports Parent Handbook, click here. Click here to view their COVID-19 safety policies.


Greensboro Day School Accepting Applications for 2021-22 School Year

If you are already thinking about the next school year, schedule a tour to learn how Greensboro Day School is safely operating school in-person while providing families the flexibility to learn remotely.

GDS safely returned to in-person learning in August, providing families around the Triad with the flexibility to choose on-campus or remote instruction.

With added health and safety protocols, students age 2 through grade 12 continue to be challenged, encouraged, and cared for by dedicated and highly trained teachers. Teachers utilize all corners of the school’s 65-acre campus to provide learning opportunities in the classroom and outdoors, using the school’s learning pond, teaching gardens, and green space as outdoor classrooms.

If you are searching for a school that provides academic success, character and leadership development, and helps prepare students as they grow, schedule a personal tour at Follow them on Facebook for updates!


Pre-Order Your Thanksgiving Turkey at Smoke City Meats

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. And if you’ve heard them say it once, you’ve heard them say it 1,823,264 times: you can pre-order your Thanksgiving turkey at Smoke City Meats with just a $50 deposit! Say WHAAAAT?!?! Stop by the shop or call to lock in your reservation. The Black Heritage Turkey from Joyce Farms is available for pre-order. This breed is raised at the highest standards- no injections, marinades, brines, or artificial ingredients. No antibiotics. Pasture raised and hatched in North Carolina. NEVER FROZEN. And they’re on a strict all veggie diet, so that means no animal by-product! All you’re getting is pure, unadulterated, fresh, tasty turkey. *Image credit: Joyce Farms.

Hours: Tuesday-Friday 11:00 am-6:00 pm and Saturday 10:00 am-4:00 pm
Address: 833 Reynolda Road, WS, NC 27104
Phone Number: (336) 310-0204


Buy $40 in Pampers Products & Save On Your Next Shopping Trip

As a parent, you look for the best diapers and wipes to help keep your baby dry, clean and comfortable. You look for something affordable, reliable and a brand that professionals trust. That is why you should turn to Pampers, it is the #1 choice of hospitals, nurses and parents. You already love shopping at Lowes Foods for food & essentials so don’t forget to shop for your baby too and pick up Pampers diapers and wipes today. Now through November 3, 2020 when you buy $40 in Pampers products from Lowes Foods you will save $10 on your next shopping trip!

*Today’s Sunday Spotlight is sponsored by the YMCA of Northwest NC, Greensboro Day School, Smoke City Meats, and P&G