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Fall temperatures are here, and we are all reveling in the balmy days and crisp autumn nights, but before you know it, winter weather will start creeping in! Now is actually the perfect time to work on some simple projects to make sure your home is ready for winter weather. Gwyn Services is here with a few simple but effective ways to make sure your house is comfortable in the cold months!

5 Easy Steps to Make Sure Your Home is Cozy in the Cold

1- Tune up your HVAC. It is amazing how much money a few dollars of prevention can save in the long run when it comes to one of your home’s most expensive systems! Twice annual heat and air conditioning tune ups can extend the life of your HVAC system for years, and also prevent the cost and inconvenience of emergency repairs. Right now, Gwyn Services is offering an HVAC tune up for just $99 per system!

If your system is aging, fall is actually the best time to consider purchasing a new heating and cooling system for your home. The supply chain delays of the past few years are still affecting the heating and cooling industry, so purchasing a new system in a time of less demand can mean you won’t be waiting for weeks (or months) for your parts to ship.

Gwyn Services is also offering up to $2000 in rebates on new systems. Partner that with our Triple Twelve financing system and potential Inflation Reduction Act tax savings, and you have a great deal!

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2- Switch Your Ceiling Fans. Almost all ceiling fans come with a switch on the unit which reverses the rotation of the blades. Reversing the blades so they rotate clockwise pushes warm air down, and can allow you to turn down your thermostat by several degrees!

Ceiling fans can offer year round comfort and energy efficiency for your home. Circulating air and pushing cooler or warmer air into the lower parts of the room allows your home to remain comfortable and your HVAC systems to be turned down, saving big money on energy in the long run! Our electricians at Gwyn Services are able to install ceiling fans in virtually any room of your home.

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3- Trim Tree Branches. As many of us learned with Hurricane Ian, falling branches can cause damage to your home!  Autumn is a great time to take stock of the trees around your property, and trim any branches that are hanging over your roof, power lines, or other areas you want to protect.  Winter weather, such as, heavy ice and snow can bring down even healthy looking branches, causing damage to your roof, home, and other structures.

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4- Investigate the Drafts. Summer breezes are great, but icy winter winds are a different story altogether. As the weather cools for fall, it’s always good practice to take a tour of your home to see if any cold drafts are making their way inside.  Check around window frames, doorways, and chimneys especially. Often windows that were opened in the summer are not fully sealed when closed, an easy fix. Other issues can be solved by caulking around window frames, closing the flue on the fireplace, and light weatherstripping around doors. Making your home airtight in the winter weather can save big money and keep your home cozy and comfortable!

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5- Consider Alternative Heat and Energy Sources. When the power goes out, often the furnace goes out as well.  Consider other sources of heat and power for your home in case of emergency. This could include installing gas logs, which use natural gas instead of electricity. Right now, our plumbing team at Gwyn Services is offering $150 off Natural Gas Piping for your gas log fireplace. A whole home generator with a generator interlock switch is also a convenient way to make sure your home stays safe in emergency situations. Talk with Gwyn Services today to find out more!  (336) 774-1818

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