By Guest Blogger Catherine Cottingham

Registering for your baby can be so overwhelming especially if this is your first! I remember looking at all the recommendations and other friends’ registries and feeling completely inadequate. I added so many items at first and realized that for anyone attending my shower they wouldn’t know what was extremely important to me because I had everything I’d need until 2!

Before we even get started on items, I highly recommend focusing on “must have” items when the baby comes home as well as the first 6 months. Everything else can be purchased over time. This way you won’t be left two weeks out from your due date without items like a monitor but you have a food maker you don’t need until later.

I also suggest using this list as a guide. Every mom doesn’t need every baby gadget. I absolutely recommend considering your current lifestyle and what you still plan to do once baby arrives. An example would be do you travel often? Or spend a lot of time outdoors? Make sure items that will help keep your favorite activities easy and skip ones that don’t apply to you!

Also when registering try to keep your registry to one or two stores/locations to make it easy for everyone purchasing you gifts or choose to use Babylist.

The TMoM team helped me pull together the following list of their favorite baby registry items, and I added in my suggestions as well. I linked to specific brands for some of the items, and the unlinked items are general suggestions (any brand will do).  In no particular order, our list is below!

For the House

Clear Vue Co-Sleeper

Dock a Tot



Bottle Nipples

Bottle Sanitizer

Bottle Warmer

Baby Bath Tub

Tummy Time Mat

For the Nursery

Boppy Feeding Pillow

A Comfortable Rocking Chair

White Noise Machine

Mattress Pad Cover

Changing Pad

Changing Pad Covers

Turn Table Diaper Station

Black Out Curtains


For Traveling

For the parents on the go, these items will make going a breeze.

Baby Carrier

Baby Jogger City Mini GT 2 Stroller


Carseat Connectors for Stroller

Baby Bag

Parent Console for Stroller

Travel Noise Machine

Lobster Clip-On High Chair

For Baby

A new born baby calls for items that may not already be in your house. Make sure to have these on hand when you get home.

Tubby Todd All Over Ointment

Baby Tylenol

Gripe Water

Baby Wash



Snot Sucker

Halo Velcro Sleep Swaddle

MagneticMe Pajamas **** I love love love these and refused to use any with buttons! *****

For Parents

These items are for the moms, and dads that have a brand new baby and might need a bit of help!

Food Train – All new parents deserve a break from cooking, and the following sites are really helpful in organizing a food train among family and friends: Meal Train  and Take Them a Meal.

Cleaning Service

Peri Bottle

Bamboobies Nursing Pads

Baby Sitting When Parents are Ready

Gift Cards for Food Delivery

Boba Wrap

Happy registering! Don’t forget to focus on what is going to make your life easiest! If you aren’t sure if you will use an item ask for gift cards and once baby arrives you can grab items as you need or want them!

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