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This directory is sponsored by Starmount Preschool. Starmount has been serving the Greensboro community for over 50 years, providing a nurturing environment for growth and development of the whole child, ages 6 months to 5 years. At Starmount, preschoolers learn through play and are given the social skills and learning tools to prepare them to succeed in Kindergarten. 

If you are searching for a preschool in the Triad area, our list below will quickly become your best friend. Just about every preschool on our list was recommended by a TMoM reader, and we’ve recently updated our information below. This list is archived on our Directory page for easy navigation. If you have a great preschool to add to our list, please email Katie@TriadMomsOnMain.com.

Preschools are listed alphabetically by each major city of the Triad. You can access each school’s website by clicking the name of the preschool.

If you are in need of extended hours or more options, be sure to visit our Year-Round Child Care Directory!

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Winston-Salem & Surrounding Areas

Burlington Christian Academy
Address: 621 Sixth Street, Burlington, 27215
Website: bcaroyals.com/preschool
Phone: (336) 227.0288
Contact: Deborah Byrd
Email: info@burlingtonchristian.org
Ages: 3 and 4 years
Hours: Full and half day programs
Days per week: Monday – Friday
Year Round: No
Number of Students: 16
Student/ Teacher Ratio: 8:1

Children’s House Montessori
Address: 3750 Alamance Rd, Burlington, 27215
Website: chmsburlington.com
Phone: (336) 675-7686
Email: info@chmsburlington.org
Ages: 2 years and up
Hours: 7am – 5:45pm, preschool students must arrive by 9am
Days per week: Monday – Friday
Year Round: Yes
Number of Students: 50
Student/ Teacher Ratio: Every class has two teachers, and they will add teachers if needed

First Presbyterian Playschool
Address: 508 West Davis St., Burlington, 27215
Website: fpcburlington.org/grow-and-learn/playschool
Phone: (336) 226.0080
Contact: Tracy Barker, director
Email: pschool@fpcburlington.org
Ages: 18 months – 5 years (Pre-K)
Hours: 1/2 day program, but Pre-K has the option to stay for lunch bunch. Early bird drop-off availability at 7:45am.
Days per week: Monday – Friday
Year Round: No; week long summer camps offered in the summer
Number of Students: 80
Student/ Teacher Ratio: Two teachers in every class

First School of Elon
Address: 1630 Westbrook Ave, Elon, 27244
Website: firstschoolofelon.com
Phone: (336) 584.4747
Contact: Donna Westbrooks, Director
Email: firstschool@elonfumc.org
Ages: 1 – 5 years old (Pre-K)
Hours: 9am – 12pm, Lunch Bunch option on TWTh for 3-year olds and PreK
Days per week: Monday – Friday
Year Round: No
Number of Students: 90

First United Methodist Playschool
Address: 303 North Main St., Graham, 27253
Website: facebook.com/FirstUMCGraham
Phone: (336) 227.9148
Contact: Faye Waddell, Director
Email: playschool@fumcgraham-nc.org
Ages: 1 – 5 years old
Hours: 9am – 12pm, with early bird or lunch bunch options
Days per week: Monday – Friday
Year Round: No, but 4 day/4 week session in June with options for fewer days
Number of Students: 145

Front Street United Methodist Church Playschool
Address: 136 S. Fisher Street, Burlington, 27215
Website: frontstreetplayschool.com
Phone: (336) 227.6603
Contact: Barbara Long
Email: playschoolfs@gmail.com
Ages: 2 year old – 5 year olds
Hours: 8:45am – 12pm with staggered pick up times
Days per week: Monday – Friday
Year Round: No, September – May
Number of Students: 116
Teacher/Student Ratio: 2s – 1:5, 3s – 1:7, 4s 1:9

Providence: A Christian Montessori Community 
Address: 1935 Hanford Rd, Burlington, NC 27215 (Future location 3232 Pond Rd, Burlington, NC 27215)
Website: providencecmc.com
Phone: (336) 350-9181
Contact: Director Denise Marti
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ProvidenceCMC/
Email:  denise.montessori@gmail.com
Ages: 2 years and up
Hours: 7am – 5:45pm, preschool students must arrive by 9am
Days per week: Monday – Friday
Year Round: Yes
Number of Students: 50
Student/ Teacher Ratio: Every class has two teachersand they will add teachers if needed

SMC Preschool (St. Mark’s Church)
Address: 1230 St. Mark’s Church Rd, Burlington, 27215
Website: smc-preschool.org/smc-preschool
Phone: (336) 584-8983 ext. 25
Contact: Anna Kass, Director
Email: anna@exploresmc.org
Ages: older 2’s – 5 years old
Hours: 9am – 12pm
Days per week: 5 days/week, with different options of days
Year Round: No
Number of Students:100

The Burlington School
Address: 1615 Greenwood Terrace, Burlington, 27215
Phone: (336) 228.0296
Contact: J.B. Tanner, Director of Admissions
Ages: 3s, 4s and Transitional Kindergarten
Hours: 3s, 4s and TK full day – 8am-2:45pm with available Extended Day Care. Drop off as early as 7:20am
Days per week: Monday – Friday
Year Round: No (mid-August through May)
Number of Students: 45 (in PS/TK)
Average class size (when a class is in session with a teacher) is 14

Arts and Basics for Children
Address: 400 West Radiance Drive, Greensboro 27403
Website: artsandbasics.com
Phone: (336) 655.9536
Ages: 2 years old – 5 years old
Early drop off during school year starting at 7:30am. Classes start are from 9am-12pm. Lunch option during school year until 2:00pm.
Days of the week: Monday – Friday
Year Round:
September – May. Summer options available. Please call for more information.
Number of Students:
42 maximum
Student/ Teacher Ratio: 2 year olds 5:1, 3 year olds 10:1, 4 year olds 12:1

B’nai Shalom Day School
Address: 804-A Winview Drive, Greensboro, NC 27410
Website: bnai-shalom.org/school-life/preschool
Phone: (336) 855.5091
Contact: Ashley Garcia, Director of Admissions
Orientation: Jewish but open to  all
Ages: 8 weeks old – Pre-K
Days of the Week: Monday – Friday
Year Round: infant room is year round, PS is 10 months plus summer camp
Students: 152

Brookhaven Country Day School
Address: 3207 Horse Pen Creek Road, Greensboro, NC  27410
Website: brookhavencountryday.com
Phone: (336) 545.5300
Contact: Erin Johnson
Email: info@brookhavencountryday.com
Ages: infants-kindergarten
Hours: 7am-6pm
Days of the Week: Monday – Friday
Year Round: yes
Students: 165
Student/Teacher Ratio: infants-2 years 10:2; 2-3 years old is 12:2; 3-4 years old is 13-15 students per two teachers; 4-5 years old is 14-18 students per two teachers

Caldwell Preschool
Address: 369 Air Harbor Road, Greensboro, NC 27455
Website: caldwellpreschool.org
Orientation: Christian
Type: Preschool
Students: 140
Staff Members: 27
Student/Teacher Ratio: 5:1

Canterbury School PreK Program
Address: 5400 Old Lake Jeanette Rd, Greensboro, NC 27455
Phone: 336-288-2007
Contact: Kelen Walker, Admission Director
Email: walkerk@canterburygso.org
Orientation: Episcopal but open to all
Ages: Older 3s – Pre-K
Hours: 8 a.m.-1 p.m. (half day), 8 a.m.-3 p.m. (full day), 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. (extended day)
Days of the Week: Monday – Friday
Year Round: Traditional school year
Students: 32
Teacher/Student Ratio: 1:8

Childhood Enrichment Center at Christ United Methodist Church
Address: 410 N. Holden Rd., Greensboro, 27410
Website: cecgreensboro.org
Phone: (336) 294.9080
Email: cec@christgreensboro.org
Ages: 3 months – Pre-K/5 yrs.
Hours: 9am – 1pm
Days per Week: Parents Morning Out(3 mos. – 2 yrs.); Monday – Friday available, Preschool Enrichment (2’s – Pre-K): Monday – Friday options available
Year Round: No, Sept. – May; Summerfest: June & July (Tuesday – Thursday, 3 mos – Pre-K)
Number of Students: 180 children
Student: Teacher Ratio: Parents Morning Out 9 to 2; 2’s 11 to 2; 3’s 15 to 2; 4’s 16 to 2; 5’s/Pre-K 18 to 2 (Extra teachers to assist as needed)

College Hill Cooperative
Address: 607 North Elm Street, Greensboro, NC, 27401
Website: www.chcoop.org
Phone: (336) 478-4761 
Contact: Katie Southerland, Director
Email: chchildcarecoop@gmail.com
Ages: birth– 5 years (Pre-K)
Hours: 7:00-5:30, full day and half day programs available
Days per week: Monday – Friday
Year Round: Yes
Number of Students: 25
Teacher/Student Ratio: Infants- 2:8, Toddlers-2:10,Preschool-2:12

Early Childhood Center
Address: 312 W. Friendly Ave., Greensboro 27410
Website: eccgreensboro.org
Phone: (336) 378.6093
Email: mkasten@eccgreensboro.org
Ages: Infants to 5 years
Hours: They offer both full day and half day programs
Days per week: 7am to 6pm Monday thru Friday
Year Round: Yes
Number of Students: 160
Student/ Teacher Ratio: Depends on the age of the child

First Lutheran School for Young Children
Address: 3600 W. Friendly Avenue, Greensboro, 27410
Website: firstlutheran.com/connect/school-for-young-children
Phone: (336) 294.0676
Contact: Rachael Biggs
Email: school@firstlutheran.com
Ages: 1 year to PK
Hours: 9am – 12pm (1pm lunch bunch) Pre-K classes are 9am – 1pm
Days per Week: 1s – M/W – 9 -12; 2s – Pre-K M-F multiple options available
Year Round: No
Number of Students: Maximum of 120
Teacher/Student Ratio: 1s- 1:4, 2s- 1:5, 3s- 1:7, 4s – 1:8, PK – 1:9

Greensboro Day School Early Childhood Program
Address: 5401 Lawndale Drive, Greensboro, NC  27455
Website: greensboroday.org/academics/early-childhood-program-ages-2-5
Phone: (336) 288-8590
Contact: Crissy Anderson
Ages: 2 – 5 years old
Hours: 8:00 am-3:00 pm, with after-school care available for ages 3 and up
Days per week: 5
Year Round: Traditional school year
Number of Students: 74
Teacher/Student Ratio: 1:6 for 2’s, 1:8 for 3’s, 4’s, and 5’s

Greensboro Montessori School
2856 Horse Pen Creek Road, Greensboro
Website: gms.org
Phone: (336) 668.0119
Contact: Rhea Egbert
Email: Rhea.Egbert@gms.org
Ages: 18 mos – 9th grade
Hours: Half-day, academic-day, and full-day options available
Days per Week: 3- or 5-day options for toddlers; all others 5 days per week
Year Round: options available
Number of Students: 235
Teacher/Student Ratio: 1:6 for Toddlers classrooms, all others 1:12

Guilford College UMC Preschool
Address:  1205 Fleming Road, Greensboro, NC  27410
Website: guilfordcollegeumc.org/children
Phone:  (336) 294-6730
Contact: Denisa LeHeup
Email:  dleheup@guilfordcollegeumc.org
Hours:  8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. (Lunch (peanut free),brought from home served during the school hours.)
Days Per Week:  Monday – Friday, with different classes offered for ages toddler – Pre K,M-F
Number of Students:  60
Student/Teacher Ratio:  2 teachers per classroom

Guilford Park Preschool
Address: 2100 Fernwood Drive  Greensboro NC 27408
Website: guilfordpark.org/preschool.html
Phone: 336 282-6697
Contact:  Debbie Huneycutt
Email:  dhuneycutt@guilfordpark.org
Ages:  Crib- PreK
Hours: 9:00-1:00 with optional after school enrichment choices
Days per week: Monday-Friday
Year Round: Tradition school calendar but offer Summer Programs
Number of students: 112
Teacher/Student Ratio: 2-8  crib, 2-10 toddler, 2-12  2’s-3’s, 2-15  PreK

Holy Trinity Day School
Address: 607 N. Greene Street Greensboro
Website: holy-trinity.com/learn/holy-trinity-day-school
Phone: (336) 275-7726
Contact: Julie Buie
Email: julie@holy-trinity.com
Ages: 3 mos – Junior Kindergarten
Hours: 9am – 1pm with Extra Curricular Enrichment Options available
Days per Week: Monday- Friday
Year Round: Traditional school calendar with summer camp options
Number of Students: 105
Teacher/Student Ratios: 2:6 Infant, 2:8 Toddlers, 2:10 Twos, 2:14 Threes, 2:16 PreK, 2:18 Junior K

Kids R Kids Learning Academy at Regency Drive
Address: 4230 Regency Drive, Greensboro, 27410
Website: kidsrkids.com/greensboro-regency
Phone: (336) 856.9990
Ages: Infants – 12 years old
Hours: 6:30am – 6:30pm Monday – Friday year round
Days per Week: full and part time schedules; both part week and part day
Year Round: Yes
Number of Students: Between 220 and 260 children depending on the time of year. There are 12 classrooms plus a large school age room. Between 220 and 260 children depending on the time of year
Teacher/Student Ratio: We go by the enhanced ratios for NC: newborn – 14 months 1:4; 15 – 28 months 1:6; 28- 38 months 1:9; 39 – 48 months 1:10; 4 years 1:13; 5 years 1:15

Kids R Kids Learning Academy of Northern Greensboro 
Address: 514 Pisgah Church Road, Greensboro 27455
Website: kidsrkids.com/northern-greensboro
Phone: (336) 288.4440
Contact: Joan Graham (Owner), Traci Jones (Director), Erica Galloway-Roach (Asst Director)
Email: mgraham@kidsrkidsgso.com
Ages: 6 mos – 12 years
Hours: 6:30 am – 6:30 pm Full day, but part time options are available
Days of the week: Monday – Friday
Year Round: Yes
Number of Students: 200
Teacher/Student Ratio: Infants- 3:10, Toddlers- 2:12, Preschool 2 year olds- 2:18, Preschool 3 year olds- 2:20, Pre-K- (4’s & 5’s): 2:25

Little Learners Schoolhouse
Address: 100 NC Highway 150 W (corner of 150 & N Church Street)
Website: littlelearnersschoolhouse.com
Phone: (336) 314.7272
Contact: Joyce Fowler, Director
Email: director.littlelearners@gmail.com
Ages: 2-5 years
Hours: 9am-12pm or 9am-1pm
Days of the week: Monday – Friday
Year Round: No
Number of Students: 45
Student/ Teacher Ratio: 12:2

Mt. Pisgah Weekday School
Address: 2600 Pisgah Church Rd., Greensboro, NC 27455
Website: mtpisgahgso.org
Phone(336) 288-3335
Contact: Lorie Jones
Ages:1-5 years
Hours: 9-1
Days of the week: M-F
Year round: No
Students: 102
Student teacher ratio: Toddlers 1:4, Twos 1:6, Threes 1:7, Fours 1:8, PreK 1:6

New Garden Friends School
Address: 1128 New Garden Road, Greensboro, NC 27410
Website: ngfs.org/our-program/preschool.cfm
Phone: (336) 299.0964
Contact: Christene Skidmore, Admissions Associate
Email: cskidmore@ngfs.org
Orientation: Quaker, but open to all
Type: Elementary/Secondary (Co-ed)
Grades: Preschool (Students must be age 3 by September 1. Our preschool is for 3,4, and 5 year olds), Pre-K, Transitional Kindergarten, K-12
Preschool: Children may enroll for 3, 4, or 5 days/week. Half and full day options available with extended care offered from 7:30 am – 6 pm.
Year Round: Yes
Preschool Students: 24
Full-time Preschool Teachers: 4
Student/Teacher Ratio: 8:1

Our Children’s House 
Address:1105 Magnolia Street, Greensboro, 27401
Website: ourchildrenshouse.com
Phone: (336) 272.8882
Contact: Janet Auman
Email: info@ourchildrenshouse.com
Age: 1 year and walking – 5 years
Hours: 7am-6pm Full Day
Days per Week: Monday – Friday
Year Round: Yes
Number of Students: 29 Max
Teacher/Student Ratio: 1’s 1:5, 2’s 1:8, 3’s 1:8, 4’s&5’s 1:8

Primrose School of Brassfield
Address: 3105 Brassfield Road, Greensboro 27410
Website: primroseschools.com/schools/brassfield
Phone: (336) 286.0500
Email: klancaster@primrosebrassfield.com
Ages: 6 weeks through Kindergarten, After school program through age 12
Hours: 7am – 6pm
Days per Week: Monday – Friday
Year Round: Yes

Primrose School of New Irving Park
Address: 4 North Pointe Court, Greensboro 27408
Website: primroseschools.com/schools/new-irving-park
Phone: (336) 286.8889
Email: klancaster@primrosenewirvingpark.com
Ages: 6 weeks through Kindergarten, After school program through age 12
Hours: 7am – 6pm
Days per Week: Monday – Friday
Year Round: Yes

Rehobeth UMC Preschool
Address: 4475 Rehobeth Church Road, Greensboro, 27406
Website: rehobeth.org/#/ministries/pre-school
 (336) 292.3405
Email: preschool@rehobeth.org
Ages: 2 year olds – Pre-K
Hours: 9am-12pm
Days per Week: Monday – Friday
Year Round: No
Number of Students: 27
Teacher/Student Ratio: 2:5 2 yr class; 2:9 3 yr class; 2:13 4 yr class

St. Francis Day School
Address: 3506 Lawndale Drive Greensboro, 27408
Website: stfrancisdayschool.org
Phone: (336) 288.4740
Contact: Kit Hargett
Email: dayschool@stfrancisgreensboro.org
Hours: 9-12:00 pm, with option for lunch bunch( peanut free) until 1:00 pm
Days per Week: Monday – Friday, with different options for specific ages. Pre-K, M – F
Number of Students: 75
Student/ Teacher Ratio: 2 teachers per classroom

Saint Pius X Catholic School
2200 North Elm Street, Greensboro, NC 27408
Website: spxschool.com
Phone: (336) 273.9865
Contact: Jean Navarro, Admission Director
Age: 4 years old
Days per Week: Monday – Friday
Hours: 8:15 am – 3:10 pm (22 full-time openings), 8:15 am-12:15 pm (10 part-time openings) Before school care is offered from 7:00 am-8:00 am and after school care is offered from 3:10 pm-6:00 pm each school day. Full-day (8:30 am-5:30 pm) mini-camps are offered on teacher workdays and during holiday breaks.                                                                                        Year Round: No, late August through Early June.  Full-day summer camp program available as well as before and after camp care.
Number of Students:  32 Total spots available in Pre-K (16 maximum per Pre-K classroom)                                                      Teacher/Student Ratio: 1:8

Starmount Preschool
Address: 3501 West Market Street, Greensboro, 27403
Website: starmountpreschool.com
Phone: (336) 299.3564
Contact: Cindy Lee
Email: preschool@starmountpres.org
Ages: 6 month – 5 yr olds
Hours: 9am – 1pm, with before and after school enrichment options
Days per Week: Half day program (Monday – Friday)
School year: August – May
Summer program: June/July
Teacher/Student Ratio: Toddler room 2:7, 2’s Classes: 2:12, 3’s Classes: 2:14, 4/5yr olds (Pre –K) 2:16

The Early Childhood Engagement Center at Temple Emanuel
Address: 1129 Jefferson Road, Greensboro, 27410
Website: tegreensboro.org/early-childhood
Phone: (336) 292.7899
Contact: Louise Van Schaack, Director
Ages: 16 months – 5 years
Hours: 9am – 1pm
Orientation: Inspired by the schools of Reggio Emilia
Days per Week: Two,three, four and five day options
Year Round: No (September – May), Camp offered in June and July
Number of Students: 36 students enrolled
Student/ Teacher Ratio: 3:1 ratio in our younger age rooms, and a 5:1 with our oldest children

Tumblebees Learning Center Preschool (located at Ultimate Kids – Home of Tumblebees)
: 6914 West Market Street, Greensboro, NC 27409
Website: ultimate-kids.com/Preschool-About
Phone: 336-665-0662
Ages: 2 years through Pre-K
Hours: 9am -12:30pm
Days per week: Monday – Friday; choice of 3, 4 or 5 days
Year Round: No

Wee-Shine Preschool at Pleasant Garden Baptist Church
Address: 1415 Neelley Road, Pleasant Garden, NC 27313
Website: pgbc.com/weeshine
Phone: (336) 674.7757
Contact: Janet Coley
Email: weeshine@pgbc.com
Ages: 6 months to 4 years old
Hours: Half day, 9am to 1pm
Days per Week: Monday – Friday
Year Round: No, September – May
Number of Students: Maximum of 113
Teacher/Student Ratio: Infant/toddlers (6 months to 15 months) 2 teachers to 6 kids and toddlers 2 teachers to 8 children; 2’s 2 teachers to 12 kids; 3’s 2 teachers to 15 kids; 4’s 2 teacher to 15 kids*NAEYC Accredited

Child Enrichment at First United Methodist Church
Address: 512 N. Main Street, High Point 27260
Website: fumc-highpoint.org/child-enrichment-home
Phone: (336) 889.3103
Contact: Kim Myers, Director
Email: Childenrichmentabc@yahoo.com
Ages: 6 weeks to 6 years old
Hours: Half Day
Days per Week: 2, 3, or 5 day options; early drop off or extended day available
Year Round: No, closed in August
Number of Students: Max enrollment is 140
Teacher/ Student Ratio: Infants 2:6; Toddlers 2:8; Twos 2:12; Threes 2:14; Fours and pre-k 2:16

Covenant Kids Preschool
Address: 1526 Skeet Club Road, High Point 27265
Website: covenant-church.com/preschool
Phone: (336) 841.8847
Email: nichole@covenant-church.com
Ages: 18 months-5 years
Hours: 9am-12pm
Days per Week: 2, 3, and 5 day options; Tuesday/Thursday; Monday/Wednesday/Friday; Monday – Friday
Year Round: No, September – May
Number of Students: Approximately 130
Student/ Teacher Ratio: Tots–8:2; 2’s–12:2; 3’s—15:2; 4’s—8:1; 5’s—8:1

Davidson Preschool
Address: 2791 West Center Street, Suite A, Lexington, NC  27295
Website: davidsonpreschool.org
Phone: (336) 224.0307
Contact: Bryttny Berg
Email: dpreschool@gmail.com
Ages: 2-5 years
Hours: 9am to 12pm (Breakfast club option at 8am)
Days per Week: Monday – Friday
Year Round: school year
Number of Students: 34
Student/Teacher Ratio: 10:2

First Presbyterian Church Preschool 
Address: 918 N Main Street, High Point, NC 27262
Website: firstpreshp.org
Phone: (336)-884-2248
Contact: Suzette Broman-Fulks (interim director)
Email: preschool@firstpreshp.org
Ages: 6months- 4 years
Hours: 9-12 with lunch bunch Tuesday- Thursday until 1 and offer an early arrival Tuesday- Friday at 8:30
Days per week: Tuesday-Friday
Year Round: No
Number of Students: 31

Grace House Preschool
Address: 360 Hopkins Road, Kernersville, 27284
Website: gracehousepreschool.org
Phone: (336) 993-.1305, ext. 12
Email: director@gracehousepreschool.org
Ages: 1 year – 4 years old (PreK)
Hours: 9am-12pm withoptional lunch bunch for ages 2 and up
Days per Week: Monday – Friday, with different options for 1 – 5 days a week, depending on the class
Year Round: No, September – May, but has a 3 day/week summer camp
Number of Students: 75
Student/ Teacher Ratio: Varies depending on the class

High Point Christian Academy Preschool
Address: 303 N. Rotary Drive, High Point 27262
Website: hpcacougars.org/academics/preschool
Phone: (336) 841.8770
Email: preschool@hpcacougars.org or swhite@hpcacougars.org
Ages: 18 months – 5 year olds
Hours: Early room from 7:45 – 8:30 a.m., regular schedule 8:30 a.m.- 12:00 p.m., followed by an optional after-school program until 6:00 p.m.
Days of the week: 2 (for 2’s only), 3 or 5-day program, along with extended care
Year Round: August – May
Number of Students: Approx. 80 children
Student/ Teacher Ratio: Varies depending on age

High Point Friends School Preschool
Address:  800-A Quaker Lane, High Point, NC 27262
Website:  www.hpfs.org
Phone:  336-886-5516
Contact:  Lore Fariss, Admissions Coordinator
Ages:  18 months – 5 years
Hours:  Full-Day Programs (8:30 am – 3 pm)   Half-Day (8:30 am – 12 pm; Before care (7:15 am – 8:15 am);
Aftercare (3 pm – 6 pm)
Days Per Week:  Full-Day (M-F); Half-Day (3 or 5 day option)
Year Round:  No, but offer Summer Camp Program
Number of Students:  81
Teacher Student Ratio:  Toddlers 1:6, Twos 1:8, Threes 1:8, Pre-K 1:8

Jamestown Presbyterian Preschool
Address: 1804 Guilford College Rd, Jamestown
Website: jamestownpresbyterianpreschool.com
Phone: (336) 454.1311
Email: jpcpreschool@gmail.com
Ages: 2 years – PreK (5 years)
Hours: 9am – 1pm, M-TH, 9am – 12pm, Friday; after school enrichment options for 4s and PreK
Days per Week: Monday – Friday, offering 2, 3, 4 and 5 day classes
Year Round: No – September – May
Number of Students: 70
Teacher/Student Ratio: 2s – 2:8, 3s – 2:10, 4s – 2:12

Kernersville Moravian Church Preschool (Montessori Inspired Program)
Address: 504 S. Main St. Kernersville, NC 27284
Website: preschool.kernersvillemoravian.org/cms
Phone number:  336-993-2379
Contact: Jill Englebretson, Director
Email Address: kmc.preschool504@gmail.com
Ages: 18 months – 6 years (includes Toddlers through Kindergarten)
Hours: Toddlers: 9 am – Noon;  Preschool: 9 am – Noon or 9 am – 2 pm;  Pre-K & Kinder: 9 am – 2 pm
Days per Week: Toddlers (M-W) or (M-F) — All other programs (M-F)
Year Round:  No
Number of Students: 30
Student/Teacher Ratio: Toddlers (7:1)  —  All others (10:1)

Address: 2066 Deep River Road, High Point 27265
Website: kindernoggin.net
Phone: (336) 885.9000
Email: info@kindernoggin.net
Ages: 1 year – 5 years
Hours: Full day only, 7am – 6pm
Days per Week: Monday – Friday, including readiness program
Year Round: Yes
Number of Students: 90
Student/ Teacher Ratio: (1’s) 6:1; (2’s) 9:1; (3’s) 10:1; (4/5’s) 13:1

Main Street UMC Preschool
Address: 306 South Main Street, Kernersville, 27284
Website: mainstreetumcpreschool.org
Phone: (336) 993.4089
Contact: JoAnn Clifton, Director
Email: msumcpdir@triad.rr.com
Ages: Infants – 5 years old
Hours: Half Day with lunch bunch options for 4 and 5 year olds
Days per Week: Monday – Friday
Year Round: No, but have a Tuesday/ Thursday summer program

Sedge Garden United Methodist Church Preschool
Address: 794 Sedge Garden Road, Kernersville, 27284
Website: sedgegardenumcpreschool.com
Phone: (336) 788.2230
Contact: Judy Hoyle, Preschool Director
Email: judyh@sedgegardenumc.org
Ages: 18 months – five years
Hours: Half Day Program 9am – 12pm (M-F), Lunch and Fun (optional) – Wed and Thurs 12pm – 1 pm
Days per Week: 1 day Mother’s Morning Out Class; 2 day classes for 2’s and 3’s; 3 day classes for 2’s, 3’s and 4’s; and 5 day classes for 4’s and 5’s including a Pre-k Readiness Class
Year Round: Year round opportunities: Regular year is Sept. thru May (9 months)Summer Adventures- up to 3 days per week, T, W, Th serving children 2 yrs to 5 years Mid June to early August
Number of Students: 140 children – Sept thru May, 65 children in the summer session
Student/ Teacher Ratio: Ratios vary with age and number of children in the classroom. We are a faith based, hands-on, developmentally appropriate program, striving to help each children reach his or her potential and embrace the “love of learning.”

Address: 1027 Eastchester Drive, High Point 27262
Website: www.sproutsnc.com
Phone: (336) 410.4555
Email: info@sproutsnc.com
Ages: Three to five years
Hours: Half Day; 8am-12pm OR 9am-1pm
Days of the week: T/Th, MWF, MTWThF (3 or 5 day options)
Year Round: No, September-May
Number of Students: 18
Students/Teacher Ratio: 6:1

Triad Baptist Christian Preschool
Address: 1175 S Main Street, Kernersville, 27284
Website: tbcanow.org/christian-preschool
Phone: (336) 996.7573, ext. 121
Email: preschool@tbcanow.org
Ages: 2 – 5 years old
Hours: 7am – 6pm
Days per Week: Monday – Friday
Year Round: Yes
Number of Students: 110
Student/ Teacher Ratio: Two’s – 12:2, Three’s – 12:1, Pre-K – 12:1

Triple Threat Creative Arts Preschool
Address: 4008 Mendenhall Oaks Pkwy, Suite #113, High Point, NC 27265
Website: 3threatdance.com/2017-2018/17-18-preschool-flyer
Phone: (336) 884.3942
Contact: Holly Smith
Email: triplethreatschool@hotmail.com
Ages: 2-5
Hours: 8:30am-12pm
Days per week: Monday-Friday
Year Round: follows the Guilford County School system calendar

Weekday Early Education at First Baptist Church of Jamestown
Address: 306 Guilford Rd., Jamestown, 27282
Website: fbcjamestown.net/wee-preschool
Phone: (336) 454.4013
Contact: Lillian Dawson
Email: Lillian@FBCJamestown.net
Ages: 2 months to 4 year olds
Hours: Half day, 9am to 1pm
Days per Week: Monday – Friday
Year Round: September – May, with summer sessions in June and July
Number of Students: Depends on each class
Teacher/Student Ratio: Nursery 1 teacher to 4 children; Toddlers 1 teacher to 6 children; 2’s 1 teacher to 8 children; 3’s 1 teacher to 12 children; 4’s 1 teacher to 12 children

Wesley Memorial United Methodist Preschool (A Ministry of Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church)
Address: 1225 Chestnut Drive, High Point 27262
Website: wesleymemorialschool.org
Phone: (336) 884.4232
Email: SKelley@WesleyMemorial.org or JClifton@WesleyMemorial.org
Ages: Infant – Five years old
Hours: 9am – 12pm, lunch bunch one day/ week until 1pm Pre-K 3’s & 4’s. Kindergarten, 9am – 1pm. Optional additional hour either before or after school.
Days per Week: 2,3 or 5 day programs. Kindergarten is a five-day program only.
Year Round: August – May; Summer program available June – August.
Number of Students: 165
Student/ Teacher Ratio: All classes have lead teacher and one, or more assistant. Infants, 8: 3; Toddlers, 12: 3; 2s and 3s, 12: 2; Pre-K (4s), 14: 2; K5s, 16: 2

Wesleyan Preschool Academy
Address: 930 North Main Street Kernersville, NC 27284
Website: kwclife.com/preschool
Phone: (336) 707.1900
Contact: Jennifer Lamont
Email: jennifer@kwclife.com
Ages: 6 months – 5 years
Hours: 9am – 12pm, Lunch Bunch Option for ages 2+ until 1pm
Days per week: Monday – Friday
Year Round: No
Number of Students: 65
Student/ Teacher Ratio: 6:1

Westchester Country Day School
Address: 2045 N. Old Greensboro Rd, High Point, NC 27265
Website: www.westchestercds.org
Orientation: Nonsectarian
County: Davidson
Type: Elementary/ Secondary (Co-ed)
Grades: PreK to 12
Kindergarten: Full-day – 5 days/week
Students: 413
Full-time Equiv. Teachers: 51
Student/Teacher Ratio: 18:1

Applied Family Services of Winston-Salem
Address: Parkway Presbyterian Church, 1000 Yorkshire Rd. Winston-Salem, NC 27106
Website: appliedfamilyservices.com
Phone: (919)749-6054
Contact: Shanee Howell
Email: info@appliedfamilyservices.com
Ages: 3 and 5 years, and offers Pre-K as well
Hours: 9:00 am- 12:30 pm
Days per week: Monday – Thursday
Year Round: No
Number of Students: 5
Teacher/Student Ratio: 1:5

Ardmore Baptist Preschool
Address: 501 Miller Street, Winston-Salem 27103
Website: ardmorebaptist.org/ardmore-preschool-landing-page
Phone: (336) 725.3530
Contact: Julie Sugg, Director
Email: jsugg@ardmorebaptist.org
Ages: 3 months to 5 years
Hours: 9am – 12pm with optional lunch bunch hour till 1pm
Days per Week: Monday-Friday
Year Round: No
Number of Students: class sizes vary based on the age
Student/ Teacher Ratio: 2 teachers per class
**Their school year runs from September 4, 2017 to May 31, 2018**

Ardmore Methodist Through the Week School
Address: 630 S. Hawthorne Road, Winston-Salem 27103
Website: ardmoreumc.org
Phone: (336) 722.8430
Contact: Marilyn Parker, Director
Email: ardmorettws@gmail.com
Ages: crib-4 year old preschool
Hours: 9am – 12pm with optional lunch bunch 12:00-1:00
Days per Week: classes offered Monday-Friday in options from one to five days
Year Round: September-May, summer program in July
Number of Students: 95
Teacher/Student Ratio: crib 1:3; toddler 1:4; 2s 1:6; 3s 1:6; 4s 1:8

Annunciation Christian Academy
Address: 435 Keating Drive, Winston-Salem, 27104
Website: annunciationchristianacademy.org
Phone: (336) 765.3663
Email: annunciationchristianacademy@gmail.com
Ages: Toddler – 4 year olds/Pre-K
Hours: Half day, 9am – 12pm, with Early Bird or Lunch Bunch options
Days of the week: Monday – Friday
Year Round: No, August – June
Number of Students: 47 children
Student/ Teacher Ratio: MMO ratio is 5:1, Two Year Old Class 6:1, Three Year old Class is 7:1 and Four Year Olds Class is 8:1

Bailey Preschool
Address:1300 Polo Road, Winston-Salem, NC 27106
Website: firststartinc.com
Ages: 3-7 years
Hours:Junior Kindergarten 7:30-11:00; Preschool 11:30-1:45; Homeschool Groups 4-5:00; Full day option 7:30-5:00
Days of the week: M- F (3,4,5 day options)
Year Round? No
Number of Students:8
Teacher/Student Ratio: 1:5,1:8

Calvary Day School
Address: 134 S. Peace Haven Road, Winston-Salem, NC 27104
Website: calvaryday.school/academics/preschool
Phone: (336) 714.5575
Contact: Becky Wood
Ages: 2 years – 4 years
Hours: Half day program 8:15am – 12pm
Days per Week: Monday – Friday
Number of Students: 123
Maximum Teacher/ Student Ratio: 2s 1:6; 3s 1:7; 4s 1:8

Clemmons Moravian
Address: 3560 Spangenberg Ave, Clemmons, NC 27102
Website: clemmonsmoravian.org/preschool
Phone: (336) 766.6273, ext 110
Contact: Angela Hicks, Director
Email: preschool@clemmonsmoravian.org
Ages: 1 to 5 years
Hours: 9 am to Noon, lunch bunch until 1 pm; readiness is every day until 1 pm; breakfast bunch option available starting at 8am but students cannot do both breakfast and lunch bunch
Days per Week: Monday – Friday

Davidson Preschool
Address: 2791 West Center Street, Suite A, Lexington, NC  27295
Website: davidsonpreschool.org
Phone: (336) 224.0307
Contact: Bryttny Berg
Email: dpreschool@gmail.com
Ages: 2-4 years
Hours: 9am to 12pm
Days per Week: Monday – Friday
Year Round: school year
Number of Students: 32
Student/Teacher Ratio: 10:2

Earthwood Forest School
Address: Little Creek Park and Greenway, 610 Foxcroft Drive Winston-Salem, NC 27103
Phone:  (336) 739-3559
Contact: Denise Terry and Sheri Grace
Ages: 2-3; 3-5;
Hours: 9:00 am- 1:00 pm
Days per week: Monday – Friday (Toddlers Wednesday)
Year Round: Yes
Number of Students: 10
Teacher/Student Ratio: 1:5

Epiphany Early Childhood Center
Address: 5220 Silas Creek Parkway, Winston-Salem, 27106
Website: eeccws.org
Phone: (336) 768.2140
Contact: Lisa Nichols
Email: lisanichols@epiphanyws.org
Ages: 18 months – 5 years
Hours: Full day program 7:30am – 5:30pm
Days per Week: Monday – Friday
Year Round: Yes
Number of Students: 54
Teacher/ Student Ratio: 18 months -2 year olds  is 2:9;  and  2 1/2 years  – Pre-K  is 1:9

Forsyth Country Day School 
Address: 5501 Shallowford Road, Lewisville, NC 27023
Website: fcds.org/academics/preschool–age-2-5
Phone: (336) 945.3151
Contact: Megan Newbauer
Email: MeganNewbauer@fcds.org
Ages: 2 years to 5 years
Hours: 7:15am to 5:45pm
Days per Week: Monday-Friday
Year Round: Yes
Number of Students: 130
Student/ Teacher Ratio: 16:2

Glenn View Baptist Preschool
Address: 4275 Glenn High Road, Winston-Salem, 27107 (very close to Kernersville)
Website: gvbcpreschool.org
Phone: (336) 788.2569
Contact: Sharon Wallen, Director
Email: preschool@glennview.org
Ages: Toddler – PreK
Hours: 9am – 12pm, lunch bunch only one day a week for 4’s until 1pm
Year Round: September – May
Student/Teacher Ratio: 7:1 maximum

Kingswood Christian Preschool
Address: PO Box 399, 6840 University Parkway, Rural Hall, NC 27045
Website: kingswoodruralhall.com/teaching
Phone: (336-969-2458)
Contact: LuAnn Winfrey
Email: kumcpreschool@triad.twcbc.com
Ages: 2 years – pre-K
Hours: 9:00 a.m. -12:00 p.m.
Days per week: Monday – Friday (students may attend 2 days, 3 days, or 5 days per week)
Year Round: No
Number of Students: 65-70
Student/ Teacher Ratio: Two teachers in each class

Knollwood Through-The-Week-School
Address: 330 Knollwood Street, Winston-Salem, NC  27104
Website: knollwood.org/weekday-preschool
Phone: (336)724-6676
Contact: Reverand Chris Norman
Email: lnorman@knollwood.org
Ages: 3 months – 5 years old
Hours: 9am – 12pm
Days per Week: Monday – Friday
Year Round: No, 9 months
Number of Students: 165
Student/Teacher Ratio: Depends on age group.  Two teachers per class.

Lewisville United Methodist Church Preschool
6290 Shallowford Rd Lewisville, NC 27023
Website: lumcpreschool.com
Phone: (336) 945-3204
Contact: Marcia Sexton, Director
Email: Marcia.sexton@lumcpreschool.com
Ages: 12 months to 5 years
Hours: 9am – 12pm with optional lunch bunch hour till 1pm
Days per Week: Monday-Friday
Year Round: No
Number of Students: class sizes vary based on the age
Student/ Teacher Ratio: Depends on age

Maple Springs Preschool
Address: 2569 Reynolda Road Winston-Salem, 27106
Website: maplesprings.org/preschool/curriculum
Phone: (336) 722.6924
Email: preschool@maplesprings.org
Ages: Infant – 5 years
Hours: hours 8:30am – 12pm with lunch hour 12pm – 1pm
Days per Week: Infant – One day, 2 days, 3 days , 4 days or 5 days, 2-3 year old classes – 2 days, 3 days, 4 days, or 5 days, 4’s class3 days or 5 days
Year Round: regular program September through May, with a 10 week summer program
Number of Students: currently enrolled 100
Teacher/Student Ratio: Nursery-toddler 2 teacher:4 children, 2’s 2 teacher:6 children, 3’s 2 teacher:10 children, 4’s 2 teacher:12 children

Messiah Moravian Preschool
Address1401 N Peace Haven Road Winston-Salem, 27104
Website: mmpreschool.org
Phone: (336) 765.5652
Contact: Barbara Shore, Director
Email: barbara@mmpreschool.org
Ages: 1-5
Hours: 9am – 12pm with lunch bunch program until 1pm
Days per Week: Toddler- MW, TTH ; 2’s – MWF, TTH, 3’s – MWF, M-TH  4’s – M-TH, M- F, Readiness- M-F
Year Round: No
Number of Students: 170
Student: Teacher Ratio: Based on class/age, 2 teachers per class

Montessori School of Winston-Salem
Address: 6050 Holder Road, Clemmons, NC 27012
Website: wsmontessori.org
Phone: (336) 766.5550
Contact: Brittney Biggs, Director of Admissions
Email: brittneybiggs@wsmontessori.org
Ages: 18 months – 9th grade
Hours: 7:30am – 6pm; ½ & full day programs, plus before/after school care
Days per Week: Monday-Friday
School Year: August-June
Summer Program: June – August (6 weeks)
Number of Students: 225
Teacher/Student Ratio: 1:6 (toddlers), 1:12

Morris Chapel Preschool
Address: 2715 Darrow Road, Walkertown 27051
Website: facebook.com/Morrischapelpreschool
Phone: 336-595-8101, x4
Contact: Amy Colona
Ages: 2, 3, 4
Hours: 9am-12pm with lunchbunch option
Days per Week: Monday-Friday
Year Round: Sept. – May
Number of Students: 75 students
Teacher/Student Ratio: 2’s-1:6, 3’s-1:8, 4’s-1-10

Mt. Tabor United Methodist Preschool
Address: 3543 Robinhood Road, Winston-Salem 27106
Website: mttaborumcpreschool.org
Phone: (336) 760-2326
Contact: Kim Saylor
Email: kim.saylor@mttaborumc.org
Ages: Toddler (1 year) – 4 yrs.
Hours: 9am – 12pm; Optional Early Drop-Off (8:30am -9:00am) and Optional Lunch Bunch (12:00pm -1:00pm)
Days per Week: Monday – Friday; T/Th Toddler class;  MWF ,T/Th or M-F option for 2’s and 3’s; M-Th or M-F option for 4 year olds
Year Round: School Year~ September-May (follow WSFC school calendar for holidays, professional days).  We offer Summer Fun Camps: June, July and August
Number of Students: 125 students
Student:Teacher Ratio: Ratio varies by class- Toddlers 10:2, Twos 12:2, Threes 12:2, Fours 14:2

New Philadelphia Moravian Preschool
Address: 4440 Country Club Road, Winston –Salem 27104
Phone: (336) 768.4844
Contact: Christine Hooker, director; email: director@newphillypreschool.org
Ages: 3 months – 5 years old
Hours: Half Day – 9am – 12pm; Lunch Bunch 12pm – 1pm; option for breakfast at 8am, but cannot combine with lunch bunch
Days per Week: Monday – Friday for all ages available; Readiness Program available
Year Round: No
Number of Students: 115+
Student/ Teacher Ratio: based on class/age, 2 teachers per class

Our Lady of Mercy Preschool
Address: 1730 Link Road, Winston-Salem, 27103
Website: ourladyofmercyschool.org
Phone: (336) 722.7204
Contact: Ed Jones, Director of Advancement
Email: ejones@ourladyofmercyschool.org
Ages: 4 – 5 year olds
Hours: 7:20am-5:30pm, Four Half Day Openings and 16 Full Day Openings
Days per week: Monday – Friday
Year Round: No
Number of Students: 20 (maximum)
Student/ Teacher Ratio: 10:1

Parkway Presbyterian Preschool
Address: 1000 Yorkshire Road, Winston Salem, 27106
Website: parkwaypresbyterianpreschool.net
Phone: (336) 765.5646, ext. 5
Contact: Kristen Absher, Director
Email: director@parkwaypresbyterianpreschool.net
Ages: 3months – 5 years (readiness program)
Hours: 9am-12pm with early care and lunch bunch available
Days per Week: Monday – Friday
Year Round: No, September – May; a few summer camp weeks in June and July
Number of Students: 70
Student/ Teacher Ratio: Infants 2:1; Toddlers 3:1; 2s 4:1; 3s 4:1; 4s/5s 5:1 or 6:1
*We offer Spanish as part of our curriculum for our 3s and a Spanish Immerison classroom for our 4/5s.

Preschool at Hillsdale Church
Address: 5018 US Hwy 158, Advance, NC  27006
Website: hillsdalechurchchildcare.com/preschool
Phone: (336) 998.1098
Contact: Angela Perdue, Director
Email: preschool@hillsdaleumc.com
Ages: 1 – 5 years
Hours: 9am – 12pm, with daily lunch bunch 12pm – 1pm
Days per Week: Monday – Friday
Year Round: Yes.  They offer Preschool Summer Playschool – Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 9am – 1pm in the summer
Number of Students: 30
Student/Teacher Ratio: Varies by age, teachers are added as needed to keep the ratios intimate

Preschool Enrichment Academy (PEA Pods)
Address: 775 W End Blvd, Winston-Salem NC 27101
Website: ymcanwnc.org/locations/william-g-white-jr-family-ymca/childcare
Phone: (336) 721.2100
Contact: Yanira Pereda
Email: y.pereda@ymcanwnc.org
Ages: 18 months-5 years old
Hours: 9am-12pm
Days per week: 5 day, 3 day, and 2 day options
Year Round: September-May
Number of Students: 24
Teacher/Student Ratio: 1:6

Promise Preschool
2130 Bethel Medthodist Church Lane, Winston-Salem, NC 27103
Website: promisepreschoolws.com
Phone: 336-893-5360
Contact: Renee Harris
Email: ourpromisepreschool@gmail.com
Ages: 2-5
Hours: 9-12
Days Per Week: Monday -Fri
Year Round: No
Number of Students: 30
Student/Teacher ratio: Varies by class. We offer low ratios for one teacher per class.

Reynolda Preschool
: 2200 Reynolda Road, Winston Salem 27106
Website: reynoldapreschool.com
Phone: (336) 723.7451
Contact: Tiffany McCrary, Director
Ages: Toddlers (must be 12 months by August 31) to 5 years
Hours: 9am-12pm, optional Lunch Bunch 12pm-1pm
Days per Week: Monday-Friday, schedules vary based on age
Year Round: No, September through May
Number of Students: 130 total
Teacher/Student Ratio: 1:4 Toddlers, 1:6 all other ages (2 teachers per class)

Robinhood Road Baptist Preschool
Address: 5422 Robinhood Rd, Winston-Salem 27106
Website: facebook.com/rrbcp
Phone: (336) 942.4241
Contact: Amy Gavin – Preschool director
Email: rrbcpreschool@gmail.com
Ages: Toddlers – 5 year olds
Hours: 9am – 12pm, with an optional lunch bunch from 12pm-1pm
Days per Week: Monday – Friday
Year Round: No, September – May
Number of Students: 48 – 60
Student/ Teacher Ratio: 1:4-5 (toddlers) 1:6-7 (2 year olds) 1:6-8 (3 year olds) 1:12 (4 and 5 year olds with a floater)

St. Paul’s Preschool
Address: 520 Summit Street, Winston-Salem 27101
Website: preschool.stpaulswinstonsalem.org
Phone: (336) 723.4395
Contact: Karen Norris, Director
Email: knorris@stpauls-ws.org
Ages: 3 months through 5 years (readiness)
Hours: 9am -12pm with optional Lunch Bunch until 1pm, Readiness stays until 1pm
Days per week: 1-5 days choice for infants/toddlers; 2-, 3-, 4-, and 5-day classes for 2-year-olds; 3-, 4-, and 5-day classes for 3-year-olds; 4- or 5-day classes for Pre-K (4-year-olds), and 5-day readiness (5-year-olds)
Year Round: No (Labor Day through Memorial Day with several weeks of Summer Fun)
Number of Students: approximately 130
Student/ Teacher Ratio: Infants 6:2, Toddlers 8:2, 2-year-olds 10:2, 3-year-olds 14:2, 4-year-olds 16:2, readiness 14:2

Temple Emanuel Preschool
Address: 201 Oakwood Dr, Winston-Salem
Website: templeemanuelws.com/education/preschool
Phone: (336) 722-6640, ext. 109
Contact: Colleen Lerner
Email: preschool@templeemanuelws.com
Ages: 1-4 years
Hours: 9 am – 12 pm with optional lunch bunch until 1 pm
Days per Week: Mon – Friday all ages
Year Round: No, summer camps are offered for seven weeks during the summer
Number of Students: 45 max
Student/ Teacher Ratio: 2 teachers per classroom

The Special Children’s School
Address: 4505 Shattalon Drive, Winston-Salem, 27106
Website: wsfcs.k12.nc.us/Domain/5683
Phone: (336) 703.4191
Contact: Karen Young, Childcare Director
Ages: 3 years old – 5 years old (typical 2 year olds are accepted and can continue into typical Kindergarten in the same building)
Hours: Full day
Days per Week: Monday – Friday 7:55am – 2:30 pm; After school program until 5:30
Year Round: No; summer program offered for 6-7 weeks each summer
Number of Students: 110
Teacher/Student Ratio: 1:6

West Forsyth Christian Preschool
Address: 1200 Lewisville-Clemmons Rd., Lewisville 27023
Website: westforsythchristianpreschool.org
Phone: (336) 766.0301
Contact: Rosemary Drinkuth, Director
Email: rdrinkuth@wfcpreschool.com
Ages: 2 – 5 years old
Hours: 7am – 6pm
Days per Week: Monday-Friday
School Year: August – May – Summer camp sessions June and July
Number of Students: 59
Student/Teacher Ratio: 2’s – 1 lead teacher and 2 assistants; 3’s – 1 lead, 1 assistant; 4’s – 1 lead and 1 assistant

Winston-Salem Christian School
Address: 3730 University Pkwy, Winston-Salem, NC 27106
Phone: 336-759-7762
Ages: 3 – 5 years old
Hours: 7am – 6pm
Days per Week: Monday – Friday
Year Round: Yes
Number of Students:  65
Student/ Teacher Ratio: 9 to 1

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