By Rachel Hoeing

Summer is officially over in our household, which means the pool bag, beach towels and rafts are going into storage until next summer. Many of you probably have oodles of noodles that you have stocked up on over the years so I thought it would be fun to come up with some creative ideas of how to use these colorful floats!

I researched online and found 10 uses for the pool noodles you have at home, or you may choose to buy new ones now that you will see them on sale at all the local stores.

Got a creative way to use your pool noodles? Please share it with us in the comment section below!

1. Racetrack

There were many variations to this racetrack online, so you can use your imagination. Depending on the size of the pool noodle, you can use race cars or marbles. The image shown here was found on Disney Family Fun.

2. Halloween Costumes

Halloween will be here before we know it and pool noodles are the perfect accessory to many costume ideas. How about octopus tenticles? A pool noodle carved into a sword for a pirate? Arms and legs for a robot? What about using them for the legs of a spider? You could be a pack of french fries with these noodles! The possibilities are endless.

3. Light Sabers

If you have a child who loves Star Wars, you will be their hero when you show them this idea! I found many examples of themed birthday parties online who used this idea.  On this blog,, you will see step by step directions. She says she spent less than $1.50 on each.  Great idea for a take home item instead of a goodie bag!


4. Headboard

If you are feeling extra creative, you can use these pool noodles to decorate! I thought this headboard idea was adorable. You can use the noodles horizontally as shown, or even vertically and vary the heights. If your child is a sports fan, you could use their team colors for the noodle headboard. (If the colors are not usual pool noodle options, just spray-paint.)

5. Bath Toys

If you have a little one who loves the tub, these pool noodles will keep him entertained even longer! I bet you are all picturing a big old pool noodle trying to fit in the tub right now! Instead, cut them up into smaller pieces where water can be funneled through the middle. Or you can even cut the noodle into small shapes for kids to stick on the walls around the tub.

6. Wreaths

I know some of you are super crafty because I have seen your Pinterest posts! This idea is a great one for you. Use your pool noodle to make a festive wreath. Once the wreath is complete you will never know there is a pool noodle underneath it all! Make a holiday wreath or even a wreath that can be used any time of year like this one in the photo which I found on

7. Boot Stand

My friend, Becky, gave me this idea. Simply cut a pool noodle in half and put each part into your boots to keep them standing upright in your closet. Genius!

8. Bead Games

I found one crafty momma over at She came up with the idea to use the cut-up pool noodles for lacing. You can label the pool noodles with numbers and letters. Great idea for hand-eye coordination and also for little ones learning their numbers or their alphabet!  Hmmm … wonder if my son would use this for learning his multiplication facts? 🙂

9. Bumpers

Also while surfing online, I came across this blog where asked parents for clever ways they put noodles to work.  There were many clever safety ideas that you can read about.  One of my favorites was to use these noodles as bumpers for babies and toddlers.  You can use them by the fireplace, coffee table, or around any hard corner or edge. Then, to my surprise I saw that our of our guest bloggers, Brittney Bray, had her idea on there, too!  I loved Brittney’s idea: “I tucked a pool noodle in a fleece blanket and put it under the sheets at the edge of my son’s bed to keep him from rolling out. It gives Kooper, who’s almost 2, a little “wall bump” of protection, but he can still climb in and out of bed safely and easily.”

10. Storing Sweaters

This was another great idea from my friend, Becky. Cut your pool noodle the length of wooden hanger. Slice it in half, with the slit in the top to place on the stick hanging part of the hanger. You can then use it to hang sweaters to dry or store without any creases or lines!