With new crib regulations, the resale of cribs is going to be pretty non-existent for a while. But don’t you worry!! You don’t have to use that crib for autumn campfires! We’ve scoured the web for some cool tutorials and ideas for reusing old or recalled cribs! These repurposed crib projects are an awesome way to prevent your crib from going into a landfill, getting reused “inappropriately” or simply sitting in your basement collecting dust.

Just check out the photo to the left. What a great way to reuse a crib as a child’s workstation! If you like this idea, keep reading. From craft closets and chalkboards to furniture and gardens, there’s an idea for everyone. We all know how hard it can be to let go of that once-cherished crib. It’s a milestone for any mom. But now we have ways for you to keep enjoying it for years to come!

Create a Cool Craft & Storage Center from your Recalled Crib

Crib Repurposed into a Craft Center Crib Reused for Storage

Reuse Old Crib

Get Organized in the Laundry Room with Your Old Crib

Crib Repurposing What to do with an old crib

** ConsignmentMommies “I Consign Too Much…” Tip:  The example on the left would make a FABULOUS tagging station if you want to hang it high and then sort by price, size, style, etc on each row.  It’s a great way to hang a ton without taking up precious closet space.  Just take a few “slats” out of the crib to create 3-4 rows for hanging.  LOVE IT!!

Turn Your Old Crib into a Bench or Chair

Recalled Crib Uses Crib Recall Reuses

Reuse Recalled Crib Crib to a Bench

Turn an Old Crib into a Bench

Repurpose a Crib into a Chair

Crib into a Daybed Bench Reuse Crib into Chair

A Repurposed Crib Becomes a Plate Rack

Turn Crib into a Plate Rack Plate Rack Crib

Cool Message Centers, Chalkboards & Easels from Old Cribs

Reuse Crib Chalkboard Repurpose Crib to a Chalkboard

Old Crib to an Easel What do with a recalled crib

Create a Photo Display from Crib Parts

Use for Old Crib Use for Recalled Crib

Organize Your Jewelry

Cool Crib Crafts

A Cool Magazine Rack

Crib Reuse Ideas

Create a Cool Message Center for Your Office

Recalled Crib Craft

Create a Table

Recalled Crib Craft

Take it Outside to the Garden

Crib as a Garden Trellis Reuse Crib in Garden

Repurpose Crib in a Garden

What’s your favorite idea from above? Do you have any other ideas to add?

Republished with permission from Consignment Mommies.com