By TMoM Team Member Dennette Bailey

A mompreneur is a mom who operates a business while also maintaining her family household. She usually wears many hats in her business and at home. The business compliments her household. While her household motivates her to do her best in her business.

This does not mean that the mompreneur does not need help. On the contrary, while she is creative and often thinks out of the box, she can still use tips on how to be efficient, stay positive and maintain her health so she can keep the grind going.

These 5 habits will help the mompreneur or the soon- to- be mompreneur in you to be successful.

  1. Childcare Readiness– There is nothing worse (at the time it is happening) than missing a sale or an opportunity to grow a business when you feel you could have controlled that situation. For mompreneurs, childcare can be a concern that affects our ability to compete in the business world. It will be especially important to plan for your childcare situation. While there are distinct aspects to childcare, moms need to know the differences so that their business is not negatively affected by unreliable or unsafe childcare.

Consider that babysitters under the age of 18 should be utilized if you will be at the same location as the children. While teens can take babysitting classes and / or CPR classes, they may not have the quick-thinking skills that will be necessary during an emergency. As an early childhood professional and expert, I would caution against utilizing this age group as permanent routine or unsupervised childcare.

There are childcare and resource agencies in your county that can recommend drop-in care or licensed childcare in your area. Triad Moms On Main also has a childcare directory. If finances are not yet where you feel you can afford the fees, call your local childcare resource and referral agency to recommend tuition assistance programs. In Forsyth County you can call Smart Start of Forsyth County at 336-725-6011. Plus, the Division of Social Services at 336- 703-3800 for childcare tuition assistance.

Points to ponder- drop-in care allows you to drop your child off at various times for an hourly or sometimes a daily fee. You will have to inquire if the location is state or county approved to provide drop-in care. Furthermore, you should not assume it has approval because it is in a building.

Licensed childcare and preschools offer you the guarantee that the facility has state permission to operate. In addition, that the people working in the facility have, at minimum, required training, such as CPR, first aid and background checks on the people in contact with your children.

As a mom operating a business, you can be at the top of your game if you do not have to worry about your children when they are not with you. Do not assume that because you are in business for yourself that you are not eligible for help. If you have a particular childcare or preschool you are interested in, call and ask them what options you have. A quality childcare or preschool program will tell you how to get help if you need it.

  1. Networking– Moms may want to consider networking with other people in business as part of their business plan. There are a variety of ways to network with other moms including virtual networking events. It is important to plan what this looks like ahead of time. You want to avoid becoming overwhelmed with networking events that do not equate to growth for you as a person and for your business.
  2. Learn to Delegate– Mompreneurs must decide how their work in business and at home will be accomplished. It may require hiring a virtual assistant, hiring an assistant to do errands, or housekeeping, or strategically figuring out what services can be done for you for free. For example, would adding the delivery service from your favorite grocery store save you time and money? Would having a chore chart in the household so that family members can contribute be helpful?
  3. Seek Business Advise and Mentoring– Most states have a variety of free business assistance programs for women. In Forsyth County North Carolina for example, the Forsyth Tech Small Business Center, the Women’s Business Center, and the Women’s Business Enterprise program, all offer free services to women in business. They offer a variety of services, grants and mentors that can help you be successful in your business.
  4. Take accountability– Remember that you are a person with the role of mom and the role of entrepreneur. You must take care of the person to be successful in any of these roles. Maintain your mental health. Set boundaries for yourself. Make a work schedule and a rest schedule for yourself. A sure way to boost your “account” is to strengthen your “ability” to take care of yourself. Love yourself and the family and clients you take care of will love you too!

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