By Katie Moosbrugger

You may not realize, but there’s a lot more to honoring Irish customs than just wearing green (although that is a basic requirement!). And with St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner,  I’ve gathered a list of 50 fun ways you can start celebrating this holiday!

From parades to recipes to crafts and silly games, there’s something for everyone on my list – whether you’re Irish or not. While several of the festivities are adult-themed due to the popularity of green beer, there are also many opportunities for you to teach your children about the customs and culture of Ireland.

Have fun this St. Patrick’s Day! If you have a fun idea to add to this list, please leave it as a comment below.

Celebrate the Culture

1. Exchange fun facts about St. Patrick
2.Teach the kids about Ireland
3. Read St. Patrick’s Day books with the kids
4. Recite limericks to one other
5. Share an Irish blessing and prayer before dinner
6. Learn to write a limerick
7. Dye your hair green
8. Dress like a leprechaun (c’mon, you know you’ve always wanted to!)
9. Send St. Patrick’s Day e-cards to friends and family
10. Learn the Irish Step
11. Master the Irish Jig
12. Memorize traditional Irish song lyrics
13. Talk like a leprechaun with this iPhone app for kids
14. Refer to all your friends with a “Mc” or “O” in front of their name


15. Dine at River Ridge Taphouse and enjoy Irish classic dishes Friday – Monday
16. Enter the  limerick contest at McCoul’s Irish Pub in Greensboro
17. Party with the Mender’s band at Old Winston Social Club
18. Attend Greensboro’s First All-Day St. Patrick’s Day Celebration
19. Experience “The Wake” and all day celebration at Finnigan’s in Winston-Salem
20. Road trip to Charlotte’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade & Festival (nationally known!)
21. Or head north to Raleigh’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade & Festival
22. Start the weekend running with St. Leo’s 5K, 10K and Fun Run

Drink and Eat Like an Irishman

23. Make rainbow pancakes for breakfast
24. Whip up green eggs and ham
25. Try corned beef cabbage
26. Serve Irish soda bread
27. Taste Shephard’s Pie
28. Register for St. Patrick’s Day cooking lessons at the Greensboro Children’s Museum
29. Revisit our St. Patrick’s Tasty Table post from two years ago
30. Serve green punch
31. Enjoy a Guinness
32. Drink green beer
33. Savor an Irish Coffee
34. Drown a shamrock
35. Treat yourself to a McDonald’s Shamrock shake
36. Eat a bowlful of Lucky Charms

Pranks, Games, Crafts & Adventure

37. Create a leprechaun trap
38. Try this leprechaun treasure hunt, or this one or this one
39. Hunt for 4-leaf clovers
40. Slip some St. Patty’s Day jokes in your child’s lunchbox
41. Make green slime
42. Hide shmily coins around your house
43. Arrange a rainbow treasure hunt
44. Make a Pot O’Green planter
45. Plant clovers
46. Play hide-n-seek with chocolate coins or green marbles
47. Download free printable St. Patrick’s Day coloring pages
48. Make a St. Patrick’s Day craft at the High Point Library
49. Let the older kids get crafty at Burlington’s Thataways
50. Have the kids make a Blarney stone craft at home

What can you add to my list?