By Joanna A.

The last two years at our house have been an incredible season of change. One of those changes has included our eldest son’s transition from a school where things were “fine” for him to a school where things are GREAT for him. We are grateful everyday for the smile on his face and the peace in his spirit, much of which is a result of his thriving in school – for the first time in his life!

Our son’s new found enthusiasm about school came from Forsyth Country Day School. Today, our son hops out of bed in the morning and is actually excited about going to school, especially when he studies geography of different countries such as Africa. For those of you who have had a child trudging through long and trying weeks of school, you will know that having a child who is enthusiastic about school makes a positive impact on the entire family.

When it came time for us to decide on a middle school for our son, my husband and I looked at six different school options. To be honest with you, Forsyth Country Day was at the bottom of our list. After listening to and talking with other middle school parents, our preconceived (and wrong!) notions about the school drastically changed. We looked at our son’s education as an investment in his future, which we still believe is an important factor in making a decision about which school is the best fit.

Our son is now in 6th grade at Forsyth Country Day, and his self-confidence has grown immensely. The middle school years are foundational in personal growth, self development and preparation for high school and college.

Our positive experience at Forsyth Country Day, however, isn’t just about great academics. There’s more to good education than just classroom instruction. Our son has had opportunities to participate in the sports that he loves and be a member of various clubs, both of which have boosted his self-esteem almost as much as his classroom experience.

My husband and I encourage parents to tour Forsyth Country Day School on a regular school day. We did, and it was a “game changer” for our family. We consider it one of the best decisions we’ve made in years.

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