By Katie Moosbrugger

So how do you pull together a web site in a little over a month’s time? Surround yourself with an amazing team. That’s just what we did! We have received so many wonderful comments, emails, Facebook posts, phone calls, and high-fives from readers about the new site and we want to give credit where credit is due!

We’re proud to say everyone who helped us make our ideas come to life (and we started with scribbles on napkins at Chick-fil-A, seriously!) are all incredibly talented peeps from the Triad! So we’re shouting out….

A HUGE thanks goes to Chrissy Freeman who spent countless hours coding, coding, coding, and re-coding the more than 100 pages of this site. We honestly do not know how she keeps her eyes from crossing. You might recognize Chrissy’s name from Consignment She created that nationwide web site for parents to post, search, rate and review children’s consignment sales. Chrissy launched Consignment Mommies with her mother one year ago, and today the site averages 1,000 hits per day!!!

The adorable illustrations along our Main Street are the original creations of one talented local mom, Elizabeth Miller, ofEB Miller Rachel and I had seen Elizabeth’s art in the past and we immediately thought of Elizabeth when we started sketching out our thoughts. She literally brought our ideas to life and color and we couldn’t be happier with the end result.

We love, love, love our logo, our postcards, and our car magnets (if you want one, email me and I’ll send you one!) – and we give a big shout out to Amy Takacs for her creativity and amazing turnaound speed! Amy is a freelance graphic designer and her business is called Creative Outlet. Amy also guest blogs for us from time to time too!

Thanks also to Goslen Printing for printing our postcards, King International for printing our car magnets, Jersey City Sportsfor printing Triad Moms on Main t-shirts for our team, and Kristie Touchstone for designing and printing our business cards and banner.

Getting the word out about Triad Moms On Main requires lots of strategic marketing, and we have Capture PR to thank for that! A huge shout also goes out to Robin Bralley, publisher of Forsyth Family magazine, for all her support too. Be sure to pick up a copy of their November issue – we will have an article in there!

Coming up with a name for our site was no small feat either. We can’t even count how many friends we reached out to for ideas and honest feedback. And thanks also to Wildfire for their amazing list of name suggestions! We wished we could have used them all somehow!

I’m sure we forgot someone, so please forgive. EVERYONE has been such a huge help, and your support has meant more than you know. This site is meant to be a community, and we wouldn’t be here without all of you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!