By Guest Blogger Jennifer Grinwis

Right now at our house, we are in the “one-pound-of-meat-isn’t-enough-for-TacoTuesday-anymore” phase.

With four kids ages 4-13 years, who we are homeschooling, while running a business with three locations, life can be slightly hectic. Anyone currently parenting is aware that that isn’t the only phase in play.

We can also simultaneously lay claim to the following stages of family life:

Learning-to-tie-shoes (We’ve been in this one for a year now. Insert eye roll here.)baseball-buds

You all know what I’m talking about. The above will fade away eventually. People say we will miss them. I am doubtful except for lap-time-story-time. That’s my personal favorite.

So, those are transitory, but some phases stick around forever:


Just these 2 simple static ideas tell us more about what we want for our kids for the rest of their lives. You want your kids to:
Learn responsibility
Be healthy
Be happy into adulthood
Make good decisions

jon_coachHow do we get from our current, exhausting stage of development to the overarching concepts we want to instill into their characters? We need a bridge. That bridge is ATHLETICS.

“But my kid isn’t athletic,” you say.

No matter. A love of moving is all that’s required, and even this can be taught. It is a GIFT that lasts a lifetime that you can give to your kids. You can make this passion for sport happen without the pressure of team play. Learning LEADERSHIP in a sports class environment begets responsibility. When your kid is the only one responsible for bettering him/herself, and they see results, the sense of accomplishment is euphoric! That’s the phase we stick to at our Athletic Training Center. We positively encourage kids to improve at ladder drills, speed, strength, throws on target, conditioning, endurance, jump height, timing, reactions, and so much more. The stage of giving kids the tools to reach their potential and feel that “accomplishment euphoria” will remain forever our goal.

According to Education World, kids who learn good sportsmanship through training with coaches better cooperate with others, which leads to MORAL DECISION MAKING. They are not ego-centric. They think of how their actions affect ones around them. Role models are crucial to locking in the character traits you are striving for in your kids. Kids are copy cats. The American Academy of Pediatric and Adolescent Psychology says kids look to adults for how to act, handle relationships, and reece_intense_pitchmake decisions. There are always going to be positive and negative role models nearby. However, placing your kids around positive influences can make your job easier down the road. You get to choose who they spend their time with now. Make it count.

We’ve thought about all these aspects of character building while training, so you don’t have to. At the Athletic Training Center, the kids can just have fun in class and stay in the what-they don’t–know-won’t-hurt-them stage while they sweat!

Meanwhile, I’ll pray we leave the “Mom-and-Dad-don’t-know-diddly” stage sooner rather than later.

More About Athletic Training Center:

Classes are comprised of drills to improve hand-eye coordination, reaction time, speed, agility, confidence. 
+Taught by experienced, certified instructors, guest coaches, and collegiate athletes.
+45 minute class once per week—-—4 month sessions———-Ages 3 & up————$50/month
+These skills cross over ALL sports!  Hone your skills here for more results on the field or court!  Individual progress is tracked throughout the session for your sense of accomplishment.
+Obstacle courses and circuits happen every class.
+Kids who don’t thrive in the pressure or judgement of teams, but need the skills to play well, will LOVE this format!

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