By Felicity Lewis

One of my favorite parts of preparing for a new baby is the baby shower. I’ve been keeping tabs on the many trends in baby showers and it is hard not to want to try all of them! Baby showers are celebrations of huge life milestones like 18th birthday parties, engagement parties, and weddings. We have a limited number of momentous occasions, so why not have fun with all the new trends?!

You can make a baby shower as extensive or low key as you want, but however you are celebrating, it’s a great time to celebrate the new life that is about to enter the world. Over the last few years we have seen a shift in the gender reveal parties to more detailed baby showers.

Favorites Trends:

Themes have become popular, and can often match the nursery to a solid color you want to focus on. Or if the nursery is going to be a jungle theme, ballerina theme, etc, you can set the baby shower to match!

Visit CreativeDigitaIArts on Etsy to see this idea!

For decorations, Pinterest has so many ideas and lots of them utilize items you need for the nursery or little one anyway, like using outfits as a banner or the traditional diaper cake as a centerpiece.

Visit Alldolledup77 on Etsy to see this idea!

Baby shower games are not a new thing but finding fun activities on etsy has made for new ideas in that realm. My favorite game is guessing a children’s book based on the quote provided. Normally it’s a quote most people would know like, “I do not like them Sam I am,” and you would write Green Eggs and Ham for your guess!

Another game I like is creating an alphabet book. The host prints pages for each letter of the alphabet and then guests pick what letter/page they want to decorate. They can pick anything they want to illustrate for their letter. Once everyone is finished, the pages are compiled to form an ABC book for baby! Then the host can laminate it or place it in a photograph book.


Another favorite trend is to have guests bring a baby book with a note instead of a card. This builds your child’s library and promotes learning from the start, plus cards cost roughly the same as a board book and can be enjoyed over and over again.

Dessert for the event is another fun area to get creative. Cakes or decorated cookies are a huge trend right now as well. Ever thought you would save the cake topper from your baby shower for your baby’s first birthday? Totally a thing! It’s great knowing you have a smash cake all ready to go next year! Royal icing cookies are in for any occasion, but as a baby shower thank you gift it has become a top trend!


The fun part of a lot of the trends that are happening is that many of them can be either homemade or store bought. The most important thing is to have fun with the baby shower and celebrate the new baby and parents.

Decorations, food and games are exciting parts of the baby shower, but in addition, here are a few gift ideas that moms and dads love!

Gift Ideas:

Click on each gift idea to see additional details or ideas!

The Owlet baby monitor
Baby wraps and carriers
Bottles that can hook up directly to a pump
Nose Frida
Sleep Sacks
Noise machines
Baby and parent activities to get out of the house (things like memberships to museums or baby music/gym)
Fun diaper bags (My favorite diaper bag is the BFF style from JuJuBe because of the long handle or backpack option. I also love that it can be washed and has holse to push crumbs out of the bottom. Major selling points considering the price isn’t cheap! Other friends love the Skip Hop brand sold at Target!)

The list of baby items and trends change quickly, but it is important to just enjoy the process! Share your favorite ideas by commenting below!

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