By Laura Long

Each year, as parents, we worry about what are we going to do for this year’s birthday party, and when it’s in the middle of summer there are only so many pool parties one child can have. This year we wanted to do something different. I was searching on Triad Smarty Pants, and there it was under birthday ideas, “Soccer Tots Birthday Party”. Mercer, our daughter, had just finished Kiddie-Kickers at the YMCA and loved it. In fact, all she talked about was soccer and Toy Story 3. So, I made the call.

They were AMAZING!!! For starters, the facility is indoors, which was perfect because Mercer’s birthday is always on the hottest day of the year. You may choose the location from Winston-Salem Soccerplex, Proehlific Park and Greensboro Sportsplex. Our party was held at the Soccerplex, which had three different plans to choose from. The plan we choose included drinks, pizza, party room, cupcakes, and a Party Coach to go on the fields with the kids.

When we arrived, Andy, our party coach, took us back to the party field and room. The party area was in a separate part of the building, so we had it all to ourselves. The party room looked onto the field and had a large TV with DVD player. I was able to play Toy Story for the kids who didn’t want to play soccer. All we brought were the balloons, dinnerware, tablecloths, and goodie bags.

Once the kids arrived, the real fun began. Andy immediately had all the kids on the field ready to play. They first warmed up with exercises that included jumping jacks, stretching, and running in place. The games he had them play were very age appropriate. There were soccer balls for all the kids to play with and balloons, too.

They raced, shot the ball in the goal, played red light – green light, and parent play time. That’s right, we got to play, too. Mercer and the kids loved having us out there with them. The games segment with Andy lasted a little over an hour.
We then had time for pizza and cupcakes. I told the party coordinator that Mercer loved Toy Story, so when we opened the cupcakes the theme was Toy Story 3, and they were fabulous… Yum Yum Goods baked the yummy little treats and they were REALLY DELICIOUS…

In the end, the kids and adults stayed and played a little longer before heading home. Andy was wonderful and had everyone up and going, he got the kids to laugh, run, and play. They made sure we had everything we needed and checked on us several times during the party. They also offered all the parents the chance to bring their child back to try one of their soccer leagues, which start at learning the skills to playing on teams. It was a wonderful day. The true test of whether the party was good came at the end when I asked Mercer if she had fun. She did!!!! SUCCESS!
THANK YOU Soccer Tots…

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