By Rachel Hoeing

How did we survive in the world before apps?!? How wonderful it can be to have advice, tips and help right at your fingertips at all times! For pregnant mothers, there always seems to be a new question that needs answers. Lucky for you, the well-known website, has a new app. The Bump Pregnancy App Version 2.0, has just been released in the Apple App store.

If you are pregnant, this app will be your new best friend. For those of you who are already moms, be prepared to be jealous because you are going to wish this was around when you pregnant!

I reached out to Carley Roney, co-founder of, and asked some questions about the new app. Her answers are below. I hope this will be helpful to many of you!

For those new to pregnancy and motherhood, please tell us about The Bump.
The Bump is a leading multi-platform resource for parents, giving them the inside scoop on fertility, pregnancy and parenthood all in the voice of a best friend that’s been through it before. Through, The Bump local guides and The Bump Pregnancy app, soon-to-be parents are provided with information, advice, tools, resources and a vibrant online community of other expecting couples experiencing the exact same thing.

When did you release the latest app?
We released version 2.0 on July 9th and were featured by the App Store as a “Best New App”!

What is different about The Bump 2.0 than the previous version?
Users now have access to every single article on directly from the app – no longer having to leave our app to read the article on our site. The new feed design of the app personalizes the content you see according to the exact week you’re experiencing in your pregnancy. Thousands of articles, to-do’s and “How Big is Baby” updates synched to your exact stage of pregnancy are right at your fingertips as soon as you open the app.

What are the favorite features on the app?
The Weekly Bump Photo Gallery is always a favorite. You can easily organize photos of your bump as it grows and share with family and friends through, text, email and social media. Our moms also love the community forums that connect them to other soon-to-be and current moms (15 million to be exact!) while on the go to ask questions or offer advice. Another favorite feature is the weekly appointments and to-dos. The app gives you a list of musts that are personalized to your exact week and you can also add your own. So if you’ve just scheduled your first ultrasound, you can add the appointment to your app, which will automatically drop it into your pregnancy calendar and send a reminder to your email before the big day. You can also add to-do items, such as “pack the hospital bag” and “paint the nursery,” so pregnancy brain will never knock you off track!

How can one follow along with their baby’s developments throughout my pregnancy?

The app makes it easy! As soon as you’ve added your due date, the app will provide you with a “How Big is Baby” update each with the size of your baby and its developmental functions. You can even skip ahead to future weeks to check out what’s in store. All of this information can also be easily shared to friends and family through text, email or social media.

Are there ways to connect with other pregnant moms through the app?

The Community function on the app is amazing. All the message boards where moms love to give advice and ask questions are available through the app, so women can connect with each other whenever and wherever they are. You can choose from a variety of forums from “Baby Names” to “Breastfeeding”, as well as “Birth Clubs” to connect with other moms in your birth month.

– Does the app offer any help to moms once the baby arrives?
Stay tuned! The next update to the app will be the parenting section coming this fall.

If you have used this app before, please share any tips below, and best of luck to all you pregnant mommies out there! We hope sites like TMoM and The Bump can make this time in your life exciting, stress-free, and wonderful!