By TMoM Team Member Lauren Warren

Childress Vineyards is a beautiful vineyard centrally located in North Carolina.  Because of its location and great wine, it has always been a favorite place to meet my girlfriends. In addition, it is easily accessible from any site in the Triad, and it is a short drive for my friends in Charlotte.  These things help make it the perfect place to get together and catch up. 

When my husband and I wanted to go on a day trip with another family, I immediately thought of going to Childress Vineyards.  They have a beautiful outdoor area, with room for the kids to roam while the adults could listen to live music and enjoy the afternoon and the food.  As it turns out, Childress Vineyards is not only a perfect place to meet your friends but also a great place to spend time with your family.

childress vineyards


Childress Vineyards is right off Highway 52 in Lexington, North Carolina, and it took us around 30 minutes to get there from Greensboro.  The estate is visible from the main highway, and the short trip made it ideal for kids that start to complain around the 45-minute mark (ahem, mine). 

When entering the main gate, it is easy to feel transported to a Napa Valley winery.  Many of the grape vines are visible while driving up to the main building, and my kids were fascinated to learn what grapes look like before they are cleaned, washed, and placed on their lunch plates.  There is plenty of parking close to the winery, and a large circular drive is available for easy drop-off and pick-up close to the door.


I always loved the location of the restaurant at Childress Vineyards. It is apart from the main building and has large windows overlooking the outdoor venue, grape vines, and pond. The room is large and airy, with beautiful lighting and generous table spacing. The seating area is ideal for families with antsy children.

The menu is always impressive at Childress Vineyards, and our Sunday brunch proved to be no exception. I got the Shrimp and Grits upon the recommendation of our sweet (and very patient) waitress.  They also have a children’s menu that includes grilled cheese, mac and cheese, chicken tenders, fruit, and french fries.  Everyone in our party of nine found something that they were happy with, including the one-year-old. 

The restaurant also has a great selection of Childress Vineyards wine, beer, unique cocktails, and dessert.  With five kids and two husbands with major sweet tooths, we would not be able to escape the restaurant without trying something sweet. My husband and his friend got the warm brownie sundae and competed to see who could eat it all first. Unfortunately, I never got the chance to stick my spoon anywhere near the bowl, so I cannot say if the brownies were good, but, judging by the clean plates, I have to assume they were.  

Near the restaurant entrance is an adorable bakery counter filled with a colorful array of treats. The visual presentation is mouth-watering, and this is where the kids chose to get their desserts. The cute and bite-size sweets made these perfect for the children.

If you prefer to sit outside while dining, there are even more tables directly outside the restaurant. Reservations are recommended prior to your visit for any dining plans.



Outdoor Area

After finishing our lunch, we walked outside to listen to the band. Childress Vineyards often has events throughout the week, including live music. We found some tables near a large and open grassy area.  We set the kids up with bubbles and a soccer ball to play with while we enjoyed our wine. It was a perfect area for them to roam without disturbing anyone, and the area’s openness made it easy to keep an eye on all the kids.

Whether visiting with kids or without, the outdoor seating at Childress Vineyards is beautiful. There are plenty of tables and chairs set up with umbrellas. The seating is expertly placed to view the live music and vineyard while creating the feeling of being part of the party and an intimate setting all at once.

The Corner Cantina is located on the back lawn, allowing you easy access to various beverages and some snacks.


Wine Tasting

My friend and I situated the dads with the kids on the back lawn and snuck off for our wine tasting before they noticed we were missing. Childress Vineyards offers a wide variety of wines to suit any preferences. Several locations throughout the building provide wine tastings and wine flights. We opted to do the Champion Tasting located in the gift shop.

The Champion Tasting offers six pre-selected wines in two categories: Sweet & Light or Dry & Bold. I went for Dry & Bold while my friend decided on Sweet & Light. If this had been a personality test, I felt it would have aptly fit. The lady conducting the wine tasting was very informative and patient with our questions. It was an excellent opportunity to try some wines I would not have otherwise considered.

Right before our wine tasting concluded, our families found us. We were closing in on nap time and knew it was time to go. It had been an enjoyable Sunday in a beautiful location with great wine and even better friends.


Tips and Tricks

-If you plan to go to the Bistro, make reservations beforehand to ensure you get a seat.

-Even though there were plenty of people there, it never felt crowded, nor did we ever have to wait in line.

Check online before your trip to see if any events are happening during your visit. My personal favorite is the live outdoor music.

-Wine tours are offered regularly. Schedule here.

-If you plan to sit outside with your kids for an extended time, I would pack a few snacks and some activities for them to do.

When I suggested Childress Vineyards for a family outing, in my mind, I pictured our children running in the beautiful green grass around the pond, playing with bubbles. At the same time, the adults sipped wine, chatted, and listened to music while wearing fancy hats. As it turns out, the trip was almost as perfect as I pictured it in my head (just without the fancy hats), and that is a rare thing indeed. 

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