By Guest Blogger Gabie Vossler, Hairstylist

I hear this in the salon quite often; “I want to keep my hair long so I only come in to get cuts once a year.”

Sometimes I meet with new clients that are distressed over a bad cut, or too short of a cut, and feel completely lost on what to do about it. Here are a few tips on common Common Concerns, Questions, and Myths about Haircuts I hear in the salon.

• Long hair is beautiful. It shows off a woman’s hair texture, color, and style. There does come a point though at which long hair needs to be trimmed to maintain its beauty. Typically hair grows half of an inch per month so the ideal time to get a cut is every 6-8 weeks. The word “cut” sounds scary to women with long hair, I know because I also have long hair. I recommend to my long haired clients to get a dusting cut every month and a half to two months. A dusting cut is basically a slight trim that is barely noticeable, if noticeable at all. These dusting cuts are usually taking a fourth of an inch off, and ensure that the splits on the hair strands do not keep splitting up the hair. Getting a trim once a year, or every 6 months only gives those splits a lot of time to creep up the hair strand. If you are growing your hair out, or trying to maintain your length then ask your stylist for a dusting cut so your hair can keep growing beautifully.

• A bad haircut can really make a person feel insecure. I want nothing more than to help a new client that comes to me needing to fix a bad previous cut. I do remind clients that it can take time to get their hair back to where they had it depending on the damage done. I like to show those clients pictures of haircuts that they can achieve with what they are working with. It’s always better to be realistic about the results than to expect perfection right away. The best ways to get through a bad cut are to get regular trims to keep shaping the cut back to normal, and to take care of your hair properly while letting it grow.

• Making a haircut last the full 6-8 weeks means proper hair care will need to take place. When hair is properly cared for, there is no need to look down one day and see “split-city” and rush to a salon (possibly getting someone with little experience in desperately). A heat protectant can be a savior from hot styling tools for your hair. Heat protectants prevent damage so you do not have to scramble to try to repair damage. I love spray-on heat protectants because they are easy, can be used on dry or wet hair, and give a little bit of hold for your style. Sometimes environmental damage can wear on your hair too. Deep conditioning treatments once a week can help strengthen damaged hair from the sun, pool/beach water, etc. Preventing damage and strengthening hair can easily help get anyone from haircut appointment to appointment with little harm done to the hair.

• A split end is a split end. The only way to remove/fix it is to cut it off. Do not be fooled by product promising to mend the splits back together. Trying these products will end up with frustration and annoyance. Again, prevention of damage is the best way to go. A deep conditioner can also help nourish and strengthen strands.


There are quite a few Common Concerns, Questions, and Myths about Haircuts out there so always ask a trusted hairstylist to clarify these things. Going off of bad advice or a myth can potentially cause more damage to hair.

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