By TMoM Team Member Dani Luft

I have a few talents, but being crafty is not really one of them. I am a little jealous of those moms who can sew dresses, make cute burp cloths, create angry bird sandwiches for their child’s lunch, or buy an old item at a yard sale and make it look new and modern. I have decided, though, that in the age of Pinterest and Google, I can find and do crafts with my kids that are not so complicated and come out cute! In case you are like me and need some holiday craft ideas that aren’t so difficult, I have compiled some that might work for you and your family. I believe that doing holiday crafts with my kids helps us to bond and spend time together. When we pull them out from the attic year to year, it makes memories that last a lifetime. So, give them a try and let me know if you have any other ideas to share or if you try one of these and it turns out great!

1. I thought these were super cute and all you need are Popsicle sticks, glue, sequins, crayons/markers and a little bit of string! They can be ornaments or just house decorations.

2. How cute are these!?!? All you need are Hershey Kisses, sparkly pipe cleaners, and glue. You can buy the little heads at Joanns or Michael’s. I bet you can even sneak in a few chocolate kisses with your little angels while making these.

3. I thought this would be fun to do and keep in my house all winter! All you need is an empty liquid soap container or hand sanitizer, some buttons, glue, and you could really make the eyes and scarf out of whatever you have—felt, ribbon, paper, whatever!

4. I make these edible dreidles with my kids every year and it is a no fail project! And the best part is that you can eat them when you’re done! Marshmallows, pretzel sticks and Hershey kisses. I don’t bother covering them in chocolate; I think it tastes just as good without it.

5. Two activities in one: Bowling Snowmen! You take 10 empty water bottles and fill them with water and a little bit of white paint. If you are doing this with younger children who may have a difficult time knocking down water bottles, fill the bottles with white paper. Paint the tops with black paint or marker. Then decorate the faces, buttons and attach a ribbon or fabric around for the scarf. Who is going to get a strike??

So which one(s) are you going to try this holiday season? I wish you all a happy, healthy, crafty-even-if-you-aren’t-the-next-Martha-Stewart holiday season!

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