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Bath time can be more than just a routine task; it can be an exciting adventure for your little ones! With some creativity and a few simple additions, you can turn bath time into a fun and engaging experience. Here are some creative bathtime ideas to make bath time more fun for your kids.

Easy Things to Add to the Bath to Make it More Fun

Kids bath food coloring Creative Bathtime Ideas

Adding simple items to the bath can transform it into a playful oasis. Try adding: 

  • Straws to blow bubbles underwater.
  • Glow sticks to create a magical ambiance.
  • Bubbles for extra excitement – it’s a classic bathtime activity that never gets old! This could be bubble bath or bubbles to blow. We love this bubble bath that comes with a bubble wand.
  • Experiment with food coloring to change the water’s hue or some color tablets
  • Throw in some ball pit balls for a splashy good time. 
  • Squirt guns are easy to toss in, but at your own risk. Haha 
  • Sponges – kids love to soak up the water and squeeze it out.
  • You can also play soothing music in the background to create a relaxing atmosphere and add essential oils to the water for a calming aroma.
  • Bath Bombs – Try bath bombs with a prize inside for some extra fun.

Fun Bath Toys

Favorite Bath Toys Creative Bathtime Ideas

Toys are a great way to keep kids entertained in the bath. These toys can add an element of playfulness to bath time and encourage imaginative play. Some of our favorite bathtub-friendly toys are:  

  • Foam Letters and Numbers – These are fun to stick to the walls. They are great for learning letters, counting, spelling simple words, or identifying colors.
  • We love these suction cup toys for inside and outside of the bath. They are great to use on windows.  You can also bring them to travel for the car or plane window.
  • Fishing Set
  • Bath Tub Boat Train
  • Wacky Water Pipes set
  • We also love this bath toy holder. We never had any luck with the suction cup ones sticking to the wall when the weight of the toys was in. 

Sensory Activities in the Bath

kids bubble bath Creative Bathtime Ideas

Bath time is an excellent opportunity to engage your child’s senses. These tactile sensations can help stimulate your child’s sense of touch and make bath time more enjoyable. Experiment with different textures by incorporating items like:

  • Slime Baff will turn bathwater into slime! It is skin-safe, drain-safe, and biodegradable. 
  • Squirting a dollop of shaving cream into the water for some foamy fun.
  • Pom Pom Bath

Arts and Crafts in the Bath

arts and crafts in the bath Creative Bathtime Ideas

Turn bath time into an art session by introducing bath-friendly art supplies. These washable materials allow your child to get creative without worrying about making a mess. Encourage them to draw pictures on the bathtub walls or create colorful masterpieces in the water. Not only does this activity foster creativity, but it also makes bath time more interactive and fun for your little one. Some fun ideas are: 

Incorporating these creative bathtime Ideas into your child’s bath time routine can make it a highlight of their day. Whether they’re splashing in the water with their favorite toys or getting artistic with bath crayons, these activities are sure to keep them entertained and engaged. So next time you’re gearing up for bath time, get creative and make it an experience your child will look forward to!