By Laura Dydek

Taking a day trip to a playground may sound a little extreme. However, when a playground is as special as this one, it is well worth the trip!

Recreation Acres in King is an all-inclusive, one-of-a-kind playground built in 2017. I saw a few photos posted on social media about a year ago and have been trying to find the right time to visit ever since. We were finally able to find a free morning a few weekends ago. And guess what, we have been back twice since!

I live in Clemmons, so it was a little over a half hour drive. I put “Recreation Acres” into my GPS and it took us to the older part of the park. If you use the address listed on Triad Moms on Main’s Parks Directory (107 White Rd, King, NC 27021) it will take you to the parking lot right in front of the playground. Like I told my husband, “Triad Moms on Main is always better than Google!”

As we pulled up, my son could see the giant playground and he was immediately excited. The playground is split into two sides, one side for the younger kids and the second (larger) side for older children. This playground is the epitome of inclusive play. It features sensory items, a wheelchair-accessible merry-go-round, therapeutic swings, and a wheelchair swing (requires a key to operate; a phone number is provided) and so much more.

There is an entire musical section with bells, drums, and chimes. There is a wall of Braille! The artwork around the park is colorful and creative. On the “big kids” side, the rock wall is covered with Mickey Mouse characters (a current favorite of my sons so we spend a lot of time over there). The time and attention that went into designing and creating this park is astounding. You can find something new every visit!

One thing I was hesitant about before visiting this park was crowds. This was a big, beautiful, unique park, so I prepared for a congested playground. I am not a big fan of busy playgrounds. I enjoy having some space to play and allow my son to play independently without losing him in the crowd. The great thing about Everyone’s Playground is the way it is set up. There is plenty of space and equipment for a very large crowd. The parking lot was pretty full when we pulled up. Yet, when we got into the playground, it didn’t feel busy at all. We had plenty of space to play and explore all areas of the playground without having to wait (with the exception of the merry-go-round because COME ON! That thing is awesome!).

There is also a nice large, covered pavilion with picnic tables that you can use right beside the park. The playground itself is not shaded, so on a hot day the pavilion is a perfect spot to get out of the sun and have a snack or a drink. There are also baseball fields, a concession stand, and a community building at Recreation Acres. We did not explore much outside of the playground. Though, there is a big field if your kids just like to run or play with a ball! There are so many fun and unique playgrounds around the Triad, but Recreation Acres has quickly moved to the top of our list! I highly recommend visiting and hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

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