By TMoM Team Member Rachel Hoeing

I am sharing a great day trip idea today that is especially nice for those of you with older kids and teens. The Pit is an Indoor Kart Racing facility, but it also includes laser tag, arcade, rock climbing and more!

We ventured to this hidden gem in Moorseville, NC when my children were out of school one day last month. Since the schools in Moorseville and Charlotte were not out that day, we pretty much had the place to ourselves! We had four kids with us, ages 8-11, and I felt like all the activities were age-appropriate for them. As I stated above, I think tweens and teens would thoroughly enjoy this place.

As with most venues of this sort, the only downfall was the cost. Each activity raises the price of your fun. Luckily, they do have some combo packages each month. The one we chose included go-karting, laser tag, rock climbing, and 20 game tokens for the arcade. It came to about $30 per kid. Not too too bad, but since there is a time limit on most of the activities, you can finish up pretty quickly.  (You can see the price list here.)

The go-kart racing was the first activity the kids wanted to do, and it was so much fun to watch them. Since they were the only ones I the track, we felt pretty safe. They do have a safety video that everyone has to watch first. The kids really enjoyed this and loved racing each other.

We then moved on to the rock-climbing wall, where all the kids were amazingly successful! It took them a few tries before they got the hang of it, but they were scaling the wall like little spiders in no time. The timing on this one worked out well because when the staff told them their time was up, the kids were all worn out anyway!

Next up was laser tag, which I bought a ticket for as well. I LOVE laser tag and probably screamed more than the kids did every time someone popped out at me from around the corner. You play in a large room with black lights where there are plenty of great hiding spots. We all laughed a lot during this activity! At the end, they give you print-outs of how well you aimed and shot. Somebody (ahem) was pretty darn good at it. 🙂

Our last activity was the arcade. Twenty token each lasted longer than I thought they would! There were plenty of arcade games and chances to win tickets which of course the kids then cashed in for prizes when we were finished.

The activities we chose not to do were the black-light mini golf, cannonball air blaster, and the batting cages. These all looked like a lot of fun, too, but I didn’t want to break the bank in one day! You can get more info on The Pit on their website here.

Other good news is that there are plenty of dining spots on this same exit in Mooresville. We hit Cici’s pizza for lunch and The Philly Pretzel Factory for snacks. There was also a McAlister’s close by as well as a Rita’s Ice and plenty of other kid-friendly spots.

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