By Guest Blogger Lisa Schnurr

Davidson is only an hour away from most of the Triad, and right off the lake. Why not take a little day trip over there one afternoon to enjoy all it has to offer?

Davidson is a quaint little town rich in history that reminded me of Mayberry from the first time I drove through it and today still. There are several little shops along Main Street to stroll through, including the Village Store which carries all kinds of gifts from unique jewelry and purses to toys and garden trinkets, a book store, a coffee shop and the original Soda Shop where you can get a handmade milkshake. We went there last week and there was a lady with seven 4-week-old puppies in a wagon she just brought into town so someone would hold, pet and love on them. My family and I sat there for an hour holding all the different ones and drinking our shakes.

There is the famous Tom Clark Gnome museum where you can view all the different quirky little creatures that the local artist created himself. You can see some in the windows along Main Street as well. Stroll around the historical College of Davidson and explore the beautiful grounds and history of the campus.

Every other Sunday night they have a Concert on the Green on the Library lawn. Pack a picnic lunch, or grab some of the local fare. Bring your lawn chairs and relax listening to the no cost event while the kids get to run free. Summit Coffee House also likes to have local musicians come play while you enjoy sipping a latte on their back patio.

There is a culinary mecca to be found right there on Main Street to tempt your taste buds. Most of the restaurants are independently owned and source locally at their very own Davidson Farmers Market. They then use the ingredients purchased to create the freshest, finest, and most delicious dishes. Kindred is one of our favorites.

If you are looking for something that doesn’t involve much walking at all then try Duffy Boat Rentals. They offer a two hour wine and cheese sunset cruise where you can sit and relax on Lake Norman which is right there in Davidson as well.

As you can see there is plenty to do in Davidson so what are you waiting for?

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