By Guest Blogger Cole Farley

Everyone comes into each new year with goals. Exercise more, try something new, cut out vices.

However, thus far, 2020 has been comprised of uncertainty, fear, and stress regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic making it extremely difficult for us to follow through with these goals of self-betterment. It is extremely difficult to stay optimistic in such times when you are incapable of even going to work out at the gym or getting coffee with a friend. It is essential to find replacements for your normal access to exercise, socialization, and time outside while we are all living very different lives than we had pictured a few months ago.

Disc golf is a sport where players throw discs towards a basket attempting to make it inside in as few throws as possible. Targeted towards all ages and skill levels, disc golf is a great way to practice social distancing, while being outside, getting exercise, and spending valuable time with those you are close to.


All you will need to play a full round of disc golf is one disc. Advanced players may carry bags with dozens, however, it is just as enjoyable having one or two to carry. You can easily order discs from Amazon or any online retailer for as cheap as $10 apiece. Additionally, these discs can be relied on forever. Two or three discs can easily provide you with over a year of play.

Secondly, research what parks are closest to you. Some of the more popular ones include Horizons Park in Winston-Salem, Johnson Street Disc Golf Park in High Point, Cedarock Park in Burlington, and Triad Park in Kernersville.. Some courses are entirely in the open and some may be completely wooded. Depending on the course and the amount of people that are playing in your group, you can expect it to take between one and two hours. It is great activity for families to do together and extremely manageable to play after work while still having plenty of sunlight to work with.


Anyone can learn to play disc golf and it is enjoyable at any skill level because it is simply spending time with friends outside and still socially distancing yourself.

If you are looking for activities for your family, a way to get outside, or a fun source of exercise, now is the perfect time to give disc golf a try and get a distraction from all the uncertainty in the world right now.


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