As moms, we’re a busy bunch. Some of us work full or part time, while others stay home keeping the house and family in order. Most of us have family calendars (sometimes color coded, creatively coordinated, and covered in sticky notes or scratch outs), while others rely on personal To Do lists that can easily rival those of fast-paced CEOs. On top of all this, we also wear the many hats of a chauffeur, chef, coach, teacher, nurse, maid, event planner, financial planner, and snuggle buddy, to name a few. So when it comes to a social life, who has the time? And how many of us make it a priority?

That is what today’s post is trying to uncover. Earlier this month, we took a survey  to determine where we fall on the social scale. This was just for fun, and of course it’s not meant to change your lifestyle. Then we randomly selected one respondent to win a $50 Village Tavern gift card. At the end of this post we reveal the results of the survey, an analysis of your score, and the winner of the gift card!

Studies show that those who had a large network of friends outlived those with the fewest friends by 22%. I touched on this subject before here. But then again, not all of us need a lot of social interaction to stay happy and healthy. While some of us are natural extroverts, some of us are also introverts. Both personality types are normal, yet I think it’s interesting how each lifestyles can sometimes influence – and pressure – one another.

Facebook and Pinterest are huge culprits. How many times have you logged on to Facebook thinking your life is so dull compared to your friends? Or how many times have you searched Pinterest only to log off thinking you need to spend more quality time at home getting things done?

More than 100 readers responded to our survey. Here’s how the results fared (most popular responses in bold)….

1. How far in advance does your calendar fill up?
A. Months in advance ~ 18.3%
B. A few weeks in advance  ~ 39.4%
C. I try to confirm my plans week to week ~ 36.5%
D. Day by day, if that ~ 5.8%

2. How often do you make weekend plans (either with your significant other, with friends, or both)?
A. Every weekend ~ 11.7%
B. A couple weekends per month ~ 28.2%
C. Once a month if possible ~ 38.8%
D. Rarely ~ 21.4 %

3. How often do you make social plans during the week (lunches, dinners, get-togethers) with friends?
A.  I usually plan at least one thing, if not more, each week ~ 17.3%
B. At least every other week if possible ~  24%
C. I am lucky to squeeze something in once a month ~ 25%
D. I rarely socialize during the week ~ 33.7%

4. How often do you get away for a girls’ (or friends’) weekend?
A. As often as I can ~ 1%
B. A few times per year if I’m able ~ 21.2%
C. Once a year if my schedule permits ~ 28.8%
D. Girls’ weekend? What’s that? ~ 49%

5. How often do you and your significant other get out for a date night?
A. As often as we can ~ 7.7%
B. At least once a month ~ 36.5%
C. A few times a year if we are lucky ~ 38.5%
D. Rarely ~ 17.3%

6. How often do you and your significant other get away on vacation (either for a weekend or longer)?
A. As often as we can ~ 1%
B. A few times per year if we’re able ~ 17.3%
C. Once a year if budget permits ~ 36.5%
D. Vacation without kids? Is that possible? ~ 45.2%

7. How many social clubs/groups do you belong to? Check all that apply
~ Book club ~ 18.4%
~ Wine/beer/cocktail club ~ 2.6%
~ Bunco ~ 14.4%
~ Playgroup ~ 21.1%
~ Dinner club ~ 17.1%
~ Crafting group ~ 9.2%
~ Exercise group ~ 28.9%
~ Church group ~ 68.4%
~ Other:
* Junior League – somewhat social

* Pool group
* Vacation group
* Sign Language class
* Law school study group
* Drama Mama/Teen Theatre Group
* LNO with other Moms with ASD kids
* Game Night Group
* Neighborhood group
* College local alum group
* Online support groups

8. What does the perfect night out (or night off) look like to you?
A. A busy, non-stop night of entertainment ~ 1.9%
B. Any night out is a perfect night ~ 72.1%
C. It depends what I have time for when I make plans ~ 11.5%
D. Curled up with a good book all to myself (or alone with my significant other) ~ 14.4%

9. When you suddenly find your week open, do you…
A. Find that is never, ever the case ~ 9.6%
B. Find ways to quickly fill it up with social events ~ 5.8%
C. Find ways to quickly fill it up with everything you need to catch up on ~ 40.4%
D. Find yourself rejoicing and enjoying the down time ~ 44.2%

10. They say people “recharge” one of two ways…either among friends or alone. Which way do you find your energy?
A. Among a big group of friends – I often need my friend fix ~ 13.6%
B. Getting together with a friend every so often helps me recharge ~ 49.5%
C. Reconnecting with friends by phone, email or Facebook is usually all I have time for ~ 9.7%
D. Alone – I cherish my quiet solitude ~ 27.2%

~ If you answered mostly “As”, then you are, indeed, a social butterfly! You definitely like to get out, and you’re not afraid to gather a big group of friends to have fun. You are gregarious by nature and you recognize the power of networking. You probably never forget a name, and friends are lured to your charm. If you win the Village Tavern gift card, you will most likely redeem it within a week!

~ If you answered mostly “Bs”, then you’re a fun seeker. Keeping a social calendar is important to you, but sometimes it just doesn’t always work for you to get out with friends and/or your significant other. You value social interactions and being around others who make you feel happy and good about yourself. You’re probably someone who initiates night outs or gatherings at your own home, especially if it works with your busy schedule. If you win the Village Tavern gift card, you’ve probably already carved out a night on your calendar when you can go!

~ If you answered mostly “Cs”, then you’re a realist. Spontaneity is not your forte. You’d rather cross all your T’s and dot your I’s first before adding another thing to your calendar or To Do list. Sure, you like to go out and have fun when opportunities arise, but it’s not imperative to you. A looming deadline or a messy house take your attention first. Once everything is organized, then you’re open to celebrating with friends and/or your significant other. If you win the Village Tavern gift card, you will most likely use it during a week that is slow, or on a day/night that is not typically crowded at the restaurant so you can get in and out quickly.

~ If you answered mostly “Ds”, then you are a bit of a homebody, but you’re proud of it. You recognize the benefits of quiet time – something that’s often a rarity when you become a mom. You’re not easily pressured to go out on the town, and you find your own home much more relaxing and appealing. To you, an open calendar is an achievement you seek every week. If you win the Village Tavern gift card, you will definitely redeem it – but you’re apt to save it for a special occasion or just for yourself.

And the winner of the Village Tavern gift card is…..Lori Starling! Congrats, and what a great excuse to get out! Lori, check your email to learn how to claim your prize. Thanks for taking the survey, everyone!

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