By Guest Blogger Carrie Sockwell

If you are like me, the sound and thought of camping has always sounded fun and exciting. Until the moment that you actually go. It is either too hot or too cold. It is uncomfortable and ends up being more exhausting than planned. Lately, the idea of Glamping has surfaced and has become a fun new way to camp.

Glamping: noun; a form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping.

Translated to, my type of camping!

After researching glamping in North Carolina my family and I have decided to try it out. The fun of camping and being outdoors but with air conditioning, beds and electricity! This blog will serve as a planning hub if you are also wanting to try this new form of camping. I will provide ideas of places to go in NC, things to do and items to bring with you to make it extra magical for the kids. So let’s get to planning!

Where to Glamp

First things first, How do you know where to go? Where can you find these glamping amenities? When researching we found numerous places ranging from fancy tents and yurts to domes and even treehouses. Depending on your budget and needs as a family will depend on where you book. Below are some of my favorite places to glamp with families.

Asheville Glamping – Their site provides anything from tents to airstreams, tree houses and domes. Your family size will decide which unit you can book. We are staying in their safari tent that can sleep up to 5 comfortably.

Glamping Unplugged – Located in Boone, NC, This glamping spot features magical domes and is a great place to disconnect and reconnect with family.

Jelly Stone Park – in Asheboro, NC you can find cabins, yurts and places to hook up a camper. Onsite they have tons to do for families. You could stay on their property your entire trip!

Purple Alpaca Farms – Located in Boonville, NC. You can enjoy the Alpacas and vineyards when you spend the night in one of their tents offering queen beds, fire pits and other amenities.

AIRBNB – There are lots of great options on AIRBNB when you are trying to find a place to glamp. Here are some of my favorites!

Treehouse of Serenity

Carolina Treehouse

Serenity Yurt

Cherry Treesort

The Nook 

Outlander Glamping Tent 

What To Do in the Area

Once you have found your favorite location and booked your dates, begin to research the area on fun things to do as a family. We really enjoy finding local areas to hike, spot waterfalls, go tubing and eat. Try something out of your comfort zone that everyone in your family could enjoy.

There are lots of ways to research. Google, Pinterest and Triad Moms on Main are a great place to start. However, I also enjoy researching on Instagram and TikTok. I know it sounds strange but this is a great way to see videos and real experiences from people visiting the area. Search the location under hashtags and see what comes up. For example #ashevillehikes, #boonerestaurants #ncwaterfalls, #ncmountains #ncglamping. You will be amazed at all of the great ideas you find to help plan your trip. If you are on Instagram or TikTok, check out my page Our.Carolina.Home or one of my favorites, NCTripping for more ideas.

What To Do at Your Campsite

Last, let’s plan some fun things to do around your campsite. The nice thing about glamping is that you probably have some sort of fridge, kitchenette, electricity, and air/heat source. If it is raining and you need to stay inside, no problem, pack some board games, fun snacks or try to cook a new recipe together. If it is nice outside, head out to roast marshmallows, cook by the fire, tell campfire stories and enjoy some star gazing. Glamping makes it easy to adapt depending on what the weather does. Here are some of my favorite campsite activities to do with the family.

-Scavenger Hunts– Get a paper bag and write on the outside things you can find outdoors. The kids can tote it around with them until they find each item, placing it in the bag. At the end, gather around the fire to share the items you found and where you found them.

S’mores Cones- Grab your favorite ice cream cone (I prefer waffle cones) and stuff them with all of your classic smores toppings. Marshmallows, chocolate, strawberries, peanut butter, sprinkles can all be great for a s’mores cone. Get creative! Then wrap in aluminum foil and cook over the fire for a minute or two.

Star Gazing– Download the Skyview app to help you instantly identify stars, constellations and satellites.

-Campfire Nachos– Who needs burgers and hotdogs when you can make some amazing campfire nachos? Grab a large aluminum pan and fill with your favorite chips and toppings. Cover in aluminum foil and cook until everything has melted. Uncover and enjoy!

I hope you found this helpful if you are like me and want to camp but need a few more amenities. Glamping is a great way to keep everyone comfortable on a fun camping trip. Have fun and make lots of family memories!


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