By Kristy Garrett

At Kissing Tree Studio, we believe in the spirit of Christmas and the wonder of a child. There is nothing more beautiful than legitimate awe on a child’s face. By using immaculate lighting and our very own “Santa’s Workshop”, a truly majestic experience will take place. Your child will explore Santa’s Workshop with the jolly man himself; International Hall of Fame Santa, Cliff Snider. He will explain his route from the North Pole, check for names in the Nice Book and share special cookies and milk, all while Photographic Artist Larry Hersberger captures every emotion and wonder on each child’s face. This is why we call it “theatrical portraiture.”

Santa uses special magic and a soft voice to give the children an experience that will be cherished for many years. Through amazing artistry, patience and knowledge, Larry will create a personalized children’s book complete with creative poetry and several images depicting The Night Before Christmas. The creation is essentially the child’s dream of the night before Christmas from the hours of 5PM-midnight. So they will be dressed in pajamas provided by the studio during an interactive session with Santa. It’s an incredible performance which is captured and then turned into fine art. And if you so chose, we ask that your bring in family heirlooms or special pictures so we can carefully place them in our set. These items will be evident in the images produced.

You, your children and future generations will forever cherish the adventures in Santa’s Workshop book, in addition to fine art portraits, that Larry will so beautifully create.

We have very limited times remaining on the following 2013 dates:
October 26-28
November 4, 9-10, 24-26
December 7-10, 15-16

Please contact Larry, Photographic Artist, or Kristy, Marketing and Creation, at Kissing Tree Studio, located in High Point, NC to schedule your session. 336-870-6503 or

Sponsored by: Larry Hersberger, Kissing Tree Studio