By Rachel Hoeing

If you missed the media shout-outs, the coupon mailers, and the huge balloons in the sky, I’ll fill you in on the latest news – The Fresh Market announced a grand re-opening of all Triad stores this week! I had the pleasure of touring the Jefferson Village location at 1560 Highwoods Blvd in Greensboro and I was highly impressed. I took enough notes to write an essay on the store, but I’ll try my best to pare it down for you and highlight my favorite aspects of the new look and share with you the things that I know moms will love most!

In a nut shell, The Fresh Market was inspired to add even more of your favorite things to their stores. They have always prided themselves in bringing customers fresh food and quality products, but also understand that we need options. Yes, we all hope that our children are willing to eat organic cereal, but we also know that Little Johnny has a favorite Kellogg’s brand and we really don’t want to have to make another stop on the way home to grab it. Now, The Fresh Market can bring you both! They are all about choices, convenience, commitment to price, customer satisfaction, overall health and wellness, and easy meal solutions.

  • Sampling Station – When you enter the store, one of the first things you will see is an amazing sampling station. Here, you can purchase that week’s “Little Big Meal”, which is an easy meal solution for your family. This takes all of the guess work out of “what’s for dinner!” I purchased a Noodle Bowl Meal that feeds four for just $20! (Savings of $11) It came with a pound of sirloin strips, a beautiful package of pre-cut stir fry veggies, udon noodles, simmer sauce, and a delicious pound cake for dessert. I was thrilled to have tonight’s dinner already decided and prepped!

1026161043-2 veggies

  • A Rainbow of Produce – When I turned the corner of the store and entered into the produce department, I honestly could not get over the colors. Bright, vivid, fresh vegetables and fruits were everywhere. It made me want grab it all and go home to concoct a gorgeous salad, and that speaks volumes for me, because I never really ever want a salad! With the variety of produce, you seriously have anything you want right at your fingertips. There is even a section of pre-packaged and pre-cut fresh produce that you can simply buy, heat in the package, and eat! Following along the lines of their commitment to price, I found pineapples and strawberries for just 99 cents this week! Another important section of the store to note is vegetables from local farmers, which you will see highlighted in the second photo below.

1026161044 1026161050 fm1 fm2

    • Individualized for You – Everyone has a different diet. That is why products that are Gluten free, non GMO, or organic, are noted with different colored tags, each to fit your lifestyle. These products are simple to find with these tags that are consistent throughout the store.
    • More Selection – As I mentioned earlier, The Fresh Market is committed to giving shoppers more of a selection, so as you will see in my photos below, you can now purchase many different brands of your favorite products. No need to make numerous stops to get the different brands that each family member may prefer. The Fresh Market has doubled their number of grocery aisles and optimized their space to bring you over 4,000 new products!  You now have the perfect mix of everyday products and specialty items all under one roof.

1026161102 1026161102a 1026161100b

  • For the Babies – Moms with little ones will be pleased to know that The Fresh Market has an all new baby section with a variety of choices! In addition, there is a section specifically for children and babies in their Mind and Body section (more on that below) so that you won’t need to make an extra stop at the drug-store for those items. Again … all about convenience!


  • More one-stop shopping – You can now find pet supplies, personal care items, health and wellness items, household items, and more at The Fresh Market. Once again, they have done a fabulous job of offering a selection for you that includes local products like Charlie’s Soap, and classic products like Crest toothpaste.
  • Mind & Body Department – This section of the store is filled with everything from vitamins to body care. It is a completely new addition to The Fresh Market and includes over 3,000 health and wellness products. There is an employee dedicated to this section of the store who is available to answer your questions. Plus, there is a special kiosk in this area designed to help you find any products to match your needs.

1026161108a 1026161108 1026161110

  • Everything you still love – Don’t worry – The Fresh Market still has a huge meat and seafood department (chuck and chicken are $2.99 all this week!), an amazing bakery with mini desserts perfect for the next time you entertain, a plethora of wines and beers, a gorgeous display of fresh flowers, and an amazing staff who is available to help you find whatever you might need.

1026161111 1026161100a fm3 fm4

Take a fresh look by stopping into The Fresh Market soon! I can guarantee you will discover an amazing new shopping experience and will be excited to return week after week! Find the location closest to you by visiting the website here.


*Sponsored by The Fresh Market