By Rachel Hoeing

I am constantly being questioned by friends about how I am able to get everyone ready for school in thirty minutes.  There are many things in my life that need some work, but our morning routine seems to be one thing I can say we actually do well.  So here it is folks – the secrets to the morning routine in the Hoeing household!  If you are another mom who has a great routine, please share some pointers with our readers below.

My children are in second grade and Kindergarten.  Keep in mind that in no way do we follow a minute by minute schedule in the mornings.  (I am tough, but not that tough!)  I am just giving a general idea of how long it takes us to do certain things so that hopefully it can give some of you more time to sleep and less time to get everyone out the door and begin your day!

Another thing I need to preface is that the kids shower at night, so we do not need to deal with that in the mornings.  AND if I am headed to an early meeting where I need to shower or wear something other than tennis shoes and running shorts, I will wake up earlier than 7am.  But on a normal, routine school day, where I head to workout with friends after school drop-off, here is the 411 …

7:00- 7:05am – My alarm goes off.  I brush teeth, wash up, put hair in ponytail, and put on my workout clothes.

7:05-7:10am – I walk into Jake’s room and wake him up.  Anna usually hears me open his door because it is a door from the 1920’s that is anything but quiet.  She is usually in his room saying good morning to me before Jake is even coaxed out of bed.  I ask them what they want for breakfast and go start their food as they slink into their seats at the kitchen table and work on opening their eyes.

7:10-7:20am – Kids eat breakfast while I prepare lunch boxes.  We are all in the kitchen together, so we get to chat a little (actually Anna usually chatters on while Jake and I just answer with a yes or no).  After I finish making lunches I put the lunchboxes with their bookbags and then head into their bedrooms to pick out clothes.  Jake will wear whatever I tell him to, so I throw an outfit on the bed for him.  Then I head to Anna’s room where she’ll usually meet me after eating her breakfast.  We alternate days (one day she picks an outfit and the next day I do.)   So we get out her clothes and pray that we agree on something.

7:20-7:25am – Both kids wash up, brush teeth and get dressed.  I usually check our website during this time to make sure it did not disappear overnight!  During this time, we have a rule that they cannot brush their teeth at the same time because IT ALWAYS ends in an argument.  ALWAYS.  Ridiculous.

7:25-7:30am – Everyone gets on shoes and makes sure backpacks are ready to go.  I usually fix Anna’s hair at this time and spend way too much time trying to hunt down her brush, ribbon, headband, or ponytail holder.

7:30am – Out the door for carpool!

So there it is – the thirty minute morning routine.  I am sure I could cut my time even shorter by preparing lunches the night before, but I am usually just ready to RELAX!

Do you have some tips for a smooth morning routine?  Please share!