By Suzy Fielders, Development & Marketing Partner of Winston-Salem Ambassadors 

Winston-Salem is home to many amazing non-profit organizations that do everything from feeding the hungry, to helping the sick, and even providing arts to kids. Many people aren’t aware most of these organizations exist or how they can help people. There’s a new non-profit organization, Winston-Salem Ambassadors, who will likely be able to help increase awareness of all the marvelous organizations and opportunities our city has to offer.

With a hefty mission “to educate by creating awareness of and increasing awareness of the city of Winston-Salem,” the organization will be spreading the word on all things Winston-Salem, including the many other non-profit organizations there are out there. Winston-Salem Ambassadors was envisioned and created by President Mackenzie Cates-Allen.

Mackenzie Cates-Allen
Winston-Salem Ambassadors

She feels that they will play a crucial role in helping to shape Winston-Salem’s non-profit scene. Cates-Allen shares, “I’m hopeful that the Ambassadors will be able to work with and promote all the wonderful non-profit’s that we have! They all do such amazing work. There are so many that most people don’t even know about and it’s our privilege to be able to talk about them and let people know about they exist.”

The organization has a Board of Advisors that consists of 12 active Winston-Salem community members, including Timothy G. Beeman II, co-owner and president of The Less Desirables podcast series. He shares that Winston-Salem Ambassadors is all about, “working with other Winston-Salem organizations to bring awareness to the city, as well as those that love everything the city stands for and want it make it even better.”

In addition to bringing recognition to the many organizations and offerings Winston-Salem has to offer, they have just announced nominations for their ‘Everyday Awards’ to spread the word on the amazing people that live and work in Winston-Salem. “The Everyday Awards celebrate our neighbors, friends and colleagues in Winston-Salem who work tirelessly, day in and day out to make our city a better place. These Everyday heroes do not seek recognition, but nonetheless make Winston-Salem better.” If you know someone that fits that bill you can nominate them before December 15th, 2017 by visiting this link.

Every quarter the Winston-Salem Ambassadors also offers free workshops on all things Winston-Salem for those wanting to learn more on the city or discuss any areas of improvement. These workshops are always “a fun group of diverse people that want to have a low-key, informal yet meaningful conversation on why Winston-Salem, what’s great here and what needs improvement and where we are headed as a city,” says Cates-Allen. The next workshop will be on Wednesday September 13th from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at West End Coffeehouse. While it is free, an RSVP is required which can be completed here.

Winston-Salem Ambassadors’s vision is “to make Winston-Salem the best city it possibly can be, a city that is welcoming to all. We envision a strong economy and a thriving city where you can live, work, enjoy, connect and learn.” With a vision like this it’s no surprise that the organization, along with Cates-Allen & her board, will have a lot of people excited to learn more on how they can help them make Winston-Salem an even better place!

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