How many times do you hear, “New Year, New You?”  We all know that the start of the new year is a great time to make some changes.  I thought it was the perfect moment to shine a spotlight on an embarrassing problem for many women out there and get you some help!  Some of you may remember this post from our previous blog, but I thought it was time to run it on TMoM!  Enjoy …

So today we are going to get up close and personal with our readers to talk about something no one wants to talk about – the Ladystache, as I call it. Whether you have a fine dusting of blonde hair above your lips, or a pitch black mustache, help is here!

If you read my “Is It Just Me? Part II” post, you may have seen this Sonic commercial I attached. YOU HAVE to watch this! It always makes me laugh because it is sad, but true.

My mom told me about this Lumina Finishing Touch Hair Remover a few years ago. I tried hers and loved it. I went straight to Bed Bath and Beyond, used my 20% off coupon and bought one for myself for I think $14. I told some of my girlfriends about it and they instantly replied, “The one on the infomercial???” I had never seen the infomercial, but evidently every else in the world had. Well guess what? This thing really works. You can get rid of your ladystache in just seconds. I have also found that it works like a charm for my son’s uni-brow! Poor kid. His eyebrows run together just a tad, so I can zap him with the Lumina and he is good to go.

There are numerous uses – hairy toes, nose hairs, little hairs on your chin … the list goes on and on. Zap em with this thing. Does it hurt? No way! I am the biggest wimp and I can tell you that you will feel nothing. (Although my nameless friend says she thinks it hurts just a tad. Whatever.)

So ladies, check out the Lumina here. You can order straight from the link or stop by Bed Bath and Beyond (don’t forget your coupon). I also saw that it was available on Amazon. You won’t be sorry! I hope you will appreciate the fact that I just humiliated myself by sharing the ladystache story with all of the Triad. A little pain for me, but big gain for the rest of you who may need some help. I guess all my friends will now be checking out my upper lip.