It seems as if Autumn entered as soon as the month changed and I am more than ready! Time for sweatshirts, jeans, crock-pots, hot tea, afghans and boots! Yippee! I am making a deliberate attempt to ignore all things Christmas that I am already seeing in the retails stores and will focus solely on fall and Halloween for these next few weeks!

I’ve been perusing Pinterest lately in order to find some of the cutest and most unique crafts and decor for the season to share with all of you. In case you are not into Pinterest, I’ve just saved you a lot of time by condensing my favorites below! And if you are into Pinterest, follow us here!

Enjoy the “pin-ups” I have found below and please leave us a comment and/or link with any ideas you have found as well.


Silhouette Door Art

Found on Better Homes and Gardens
Tape together sheets of black cardstock to fill the entire door. Then, trace your design, cut it out, and adhere it to the door with tape or spray adhesive.

Tree Goblins

Found on
I thought this one would be fun for the kids! Aluminum cans, rope, beads, paint and markers are all you need for this do-it-yourself idea!

Milk Jug Jack O’ Lanterns

Found on
These are too cute and can be made to look like Jack O’ Lanterns or ghosts. Simply draw a face on each jug with a permanent marker. Inside each jug you can use a flame-less tea light, or you can run a string of mini white lights through each jug if you keep them close to one another.


I thought this was just beautiful! What a great centerpiece or porch decoration. Honestly, these crafty women put me to shame! Get complete instructions from the creator on

Curb Appeal

Beautiful yet simple way to decorate your home for the season.
More ideas like this can be found at Better Homes and Gardens.



Pumpkin Party Cooler

Found at
How fun would it be to use this at your next social gathering?
Then make smaller versions of the Mumkin to decorate around the drink station.

Decorative Mantels

Found at
I found a lot of gorgeous mantel ideas, but I thought this one was one of the most unique. This creator used root beer bottles and then cut our stenciled letters to decorate the bottles. Of course your message can say anything you would like. Then simply fill with bunches of wheat.