By Guest Blogger Jennifer Mearns, author of the blog The Undomestic Goddess

It’s that time of year again-the time when you break out your fall decorations, drink your pumpkin spice lattes even though it’s still in the seventies, and most importantly choose your family’s Halloween costumes! As much fun as Halloween is for the kids, I believe it’s even more fun for the parents! I might be speaking from my own perspective, however, because I doubt my parents enjoyed it very much.

There are so many costume ideas to choose from-homemade Pinterest-worthy creations, store bought, Amazon specials, and don’t forget Party City! How will you ever choose what to dress your littles in? Or yourself? I’ve put together a list of ideas and broken it down into categories to make it simpler.

Single Child Costumes

Finding a costume for a newborn is hard. One trick I found was to check out the pet section for costumes! I couldn’t find a costume for my newborn who was born one month before Halloween but I passed the pet isle and found the perfect one. That is how my four-week-old became a hot dog.

Here we have a little lion! Roar…

Not just any witch! Here we have Winifred.

A tiny police officer!

With colorful fuzzy balls, you can turn your toddler into a gumball machine.

How cute is this little chicky?

Neigh! This horse is cute enough to hug (I should know since he’s my Teddy!)

A halo over a cow costume and a pair of wings can turn your child into a Holy Cow. Featured here with him is his brother, the chick magnet!

Cinderella might not be able to fit in her coach, but she’s cute as a button!

Sibling Costumes

Dressing your children in themed sibling costumes is one of the best parts of Halloween. There are so many different options to choose from. Here are a few ideas for the siblings out there.

You can’t go wrong with a Star Wars theme. There are so many characters and costumes to choose from!

Keep your costumes spooky with this baby spider and his web!

Pets can be siblings too! Here we see Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Husky…I mean Wolf.

Family Halloween Costumes

If the whole family is on board for Halloween, there are tons of things you can do. My family has done Wizard of Oz, Carolina Fans, Mad Scientists and Franken-dog, and Star Wars to name a few. Here are some other ideas for your family:

Make your Halloween a Wonderland Halloween with these costumes for the whole family!

Follow the yellow brick road, straight to wherever they got these costumes!

A modern Disney classic-Wreck It Ralph

Star Wars has so many costume options, here is another one! This pregnant Death Star is spectacular.

This family sticks together with their Elmer’s Glue costumes.

These M and M’s look good enough to eat!

Don’t ever grow up with a Peter Pan themed family costume.

How awesome are these black and orange, mom and daughter witch costumes?

Hopefully, this list of ideas has been helpful for you! Halloween isn’t just for kids, so be sure to get the whole family involved! Make sure you visit TMoM’s list of October Festivals and Truck or Treats to find the best places to show off your costumes! Make sure to be safe if you’re going trick-or-treating. Happy Halloween!

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