By TMoM Team Member Suzy Fielders

Happy Halloween! Anytime a holiday rolls around it’s easy to start traveling down memory lane. Halloween is no different. That is why in today’s blog some of our TMoM team members share their favorite memories from Halloweens past.

Ashleigh Welder

“My favorite Halloween memory from my own childhood was in fifth grade when my friends were crayons and I was the Crayola box.  The most memorable part was trying to run in the box to keep up with the group – the best I could manage was a fast waddle!! I was a mess, but it was fun nonetheless!”

Brooke Coley

“The first Halloween in our new home was by far my favorite! We had a family costume centered around my 2 year old who loved cows at the time. Our baby went as a chick. My husband and I were farmers. We went trick or treating with our neighbors and made memories that will last a lifetime.”

Halloween - Brooke

Nicole Witten

“My favorite Halloween memory was two years ago in 2021. Our family decided that all of us would dress up as the same theme: Super Mario Bros. My oldest son was Mario, my middle son was Luigi, my youngest daughter was princess Daisy, my husband was Bowser and I was Princess Peach. We had a lot of fun with it and we still talk about it occasionally as a fun memory!”

Nicole Halloween

Sandy Harper

“Since kids, every Halloween has been special and fun in its own way. However, one year stands out. The first and only time I matched my kiddos costumes, they were the Big Bad Wolf and Little Red Ridinghood. My husband was working out of town, so I handled the holiday fun alone. The kids were cute and I felt strong knowing I can manage things when he is gone.”

Sandy Halloween

Sarah Marchwiany

“One of my favorite Halloween Memories is last year we got our first real trick-or-treating experience. Both my girls could walk together and Trick or Treat in our new neighborhood. In previous years they had been two little, we lived in downtown Boston, or it was during Covid.”

Sarah Halloween

Suzy Fielders

“Halloween was my oldest daughter’s (now 17) first holiday, so at the time she was a mere two weeks old. I found the cutest tiny pumpkin costume for her. At the time I loved it so much that I started calling her my pumpkin. The name stuck – and that’s still my nickname for her all these years later! She will always be my pumpkin!”

Suzy Halloween

Share your favorite Halloween memories in the comments below!

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