By Rachel Hoeing

Happy New Year! When I sit and think about it, I honestly cannot comprehend that it is 2015. I remember writing papers in school about “the future” and what it would be like. We thought the future was 2000 and we would all be robots traveling in spaceships and time machines. Well, we flew past the year 2000 in no time and have landed in 2015. Holy cow.

More often than not, I think of an event and find myself saying, “Was that really 10 years ago? 20 years ago? It feels like just yesterday!”

Well, case in point, I have compiled some fun pop culture facts for you from the past few decades so you can reminisce about the past and look forward to the future!

10 Years Ago …. 2005

~ Carrie Underwood won American Idol
~ Apple released the first iPod Shuffle
~ Brad Pitt leaves Jennifer Aniston for Angelina Jolie
~ Tom Cruise did his notorious jump on the couch on Oprah when saying he was in love with Katie Holmes
~ Natalee Holloway disappears in Aruba
~ Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans
~ Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey split
~ The Incredibles was the #1 DVD of the year
~ The first Madagascar movie was released

20 Years Ago … 1995

~ Atlanta Braves were the World Series Champs
~ The Soup Nazi appeared on Seinfeld
~ The Oklahoma City Bombing attack killed 168 people
~ Christopher Reeve was paralyzed
~ The most popular TV show was ER
~ Toy Story was the biggest movie of the year
~ Braveheart was the best film Oscar winner
~ Jerry Garcia dies
~ The George Forman Grill was released
~ Starbuck’s Frappuccino was released

30 Years Ago … 1985

~ Billy Crystal coins the phrase, “You Look Mah Va Lous”
~ San Francisco 49ers were the SuperBowl Champs
~ “New Coke” was released, sold for 3 months and then “Classic Coke” returned
~ Tommy Hilfiger started selling his own menswear line
~ Out of Africa was the best film Oscar Winner
~ Star Wars toys, Atari and Cabbage Patch kids were all the rage
~ Back to the Future was the most popular movie
~ Everyone was watching The Cosby Show, Who’s The Boss and Family Ties
~ We Are The World – USA For Africa was released

OK, we’ll stop there. I think going back 40 years will just send me over the edge realizing how old I am getting.

Have a wonderful 2015, friends! Cheers to making history!