By TMoM Team Member Dennette Bailey

In 2022, I purposed to live a life of positive impact and I reviewed with my readers my top 5 suggestions for living our most positive life in various areas such as our careers, family, and community. 2023 is all about thinking big and making the 2022 suggestions work for us on our impact in the world. The very idea that one person can affect the whole world is big, maybe even audacious, but I’ve personally decided to have the audacity to think big.

Find Your Purpose

Unlike the past advice, to make a positive impact in the world might vary person to person because it really revolves around your purpose for being in this world. Thus, my first suggestion for making a positive impact in the world is find your purpose and commit to it. Believe that the world needs you. You need to believe that your work and your love is advantageous to the world. Let your purpose guide your work and your play.


Define your values. After you have found and committed to your purpose you must decide what is important to you to receive and give in this world. This is a sowing and reaping world. Your values are going to guide what and how you sow and reap so you must decide what those are. For example, I value most providing a safe learning space for children. Their mental and physical safety and their ability to learn and love learning guides everything I do. This value shows up in my work, but it also shows up in the way I treat people and in the way I spend my free time.


Next, we must respect ourselves. To give and receive, we must first know that we matter. Our physical and mental health matters. We are a part of this world, and we are our first priority. Being our priority means we take care of ourselves respectfully. We don’t ignore ourselves, but we don’t spoil ourselves (This is different from treating ourselves). We don’t accept abuse, nor do we participate in it. Plus, we discipline ourselves and we educate and make ourselves capable of making a difference in this world.


Acknowledge the world around us. To make a positive impact in this world we must know what is in it. This means we learn about it and the people and animals that live on it. We learn how to take care of it and how to listen to it. How do we give a wonderful gift to the ones we love? We learn about them and what they like so that our gift is pleasing and the ones we love in turn, do the same for us. The world is the same. We can make a tremendous impact once we know about, and have some understanding of the world we live in.

Do Your Best

Finally, making a big impact in the world can mean daily deciding to do our best. It does not have to mean a huge accomplishment every day. On the contrary, the biggest impacts are the little things that happen each day like smiling when we speak to people, making apologies when we do or say the wrong thing, believing people mean well by us and if they don’t it will still work in our favor. This is purposeful and impactful living each day.

Making a big difference in this world is possible by doing little things each day with the best intentions towards those involved. The positive impact comes when we believe that those best intentions towards others, without keeping count, eventually works towards our own good. This is a reaping and sowing world, and our positive impact is our choice. Think big!

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