Do you own a video-monitor? These are usually called “infant video monitors” but after our Triad Moms on Main team meeting the other month I came to find out that they should be called “child monitors!” One of my team members even made fun of herself and said that her mother often asks her, “Are you planning to watch these kids on a video until they head off to college?”

I personally never owned one of these devices. My children are nine and seven years old, so when they were born I think these monitors were slowly coming onto the scene. Knowing my personality, this would have been a disaster. I knew I didn’t need anything that I would be carrying around with me all hours of the day, turning on and off and checking to see if my baby was moving or not moving.

If you are currently expecting, most people give these a big thumbs up. It’s an easy way to check on your child without needing to step into their bedroom and potentially wake them up. If you have owned one, please share the brands you liked best and why. In addition, if there are any readers out there who do not recommend certain video monitors, please tell us why so we can help educate the new moms and help them determine that will best work for them.

I also wanted to ask readers who own one of these how long you kept it in your child’s room. As I mentioned earlier, I have talked to some people who still have it in the room of their six year old and it has proven to be beneficial when they check to see if the child is napping as he is supposed to be, or if he is climbing on furniture around the room! When do you think a child is too old to have this in his/her room?

Lastly, I would also love for you to share some of the things you have witnessed while watching your children on the video monitor! I am sure there are a few great stories out there of what these kids do when they think no one is watching. Ahhh, if they only knew.

Please share your thoughts below and if you would like to comment anonymously, simply do not fill in your name or email address.