By Guest Blogger Claire Wait

My husband John and I, along with three of our four kids (a 6th grader, 4th grader, and Kindergartner), are new to Redeemer School this year. Transitions have never been easy for me, despite years of practice, and I have to admit that this particular transition has had me empathizing with my middle schooler more than once.

How am I going to survive without a school bus and hot lunch? Will there be a test on the theories of Charlotte Mason? How do all these people already know my name? Have we met before? Show me how to get to the Kindergarten room again, I know I was just here last week but I’m lost. Where in the world am I going to find 36 hours of volunteer time? Has anyone’s marriage actually failed over an E-day, or will mine be the first?

But all jokes aside, we could not be more thrilled with this school. I know I cannot be the only parent who has wept from my Kindergarten-sized chair during the September parents’ meeting, as the Holy Spirit just kept hitting me over and over and over again, with reminders that this is exactly where we are supposed to be.

From day one, the difference in our children has been obvious. We love that our sixth grader will never understand how dreadful the middle school years are for many people. We love listening to our fourth grader talk about non-fiction books with an excitement we have not seen since maybe her preschool years. And truthfully, I am convinced my son doesn’t even realize he’s going to school and learning every day. I think he believes it is some kind of extended summer camp.

For those of you who have never known life outside of Redeemer School, consider yourself blessed. Maybe my initial impressions take you back to those first days with your little one and remind you of how far you’ve come.

And to those of you who, like me, have stumbled into this hidden gem of a school a little later in the game, well, feel free to join me in my celebration. Because in all my years of both teaching and parenting, I have not experienced an educational environment quite like Redeemer. I am sure that God’s favor rests on this little block of Ardmore, and look forward to seeing exactly how much more the Holy Spirit has in store for each of these kids. Mine and yours.

Redeemer School is a private Christian school utilizing the hands-on, childhood-honoring educational philosophy of Charlotte Mason. For more information about Redeemer School and upcoming Open House events, visit

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*Reprinted with permission from Redeemer School’s Doorpost newsletter Fall 2018 issue.

*Photo Credits: Alisha Raquel Photography, Blake Hill & Valerie Barclay