By Guest Blogger Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academies

The holidays are typically known for gift-giving, but what about the season of giving back? Giving to others is a natural next step to gratitude and helps your child understand the importance of contributing to the community. So, how do you do this with a preschooler?

Start a family project

For a preschooler, giving back to the community will require some parental involvement. Brainstorm things your preschooler likes to do. Are there any local charities that can use these talents? Does your child love animals? Volunteer at the animal shelter. Does she like to cook? Serve at the local soup kitchen. Does he have a generous spirit? Collect items for the needy and take them to your local food pantry. There are charities to fit almost any interest!

Give what you have

Are your closets overstuffed with ill-fitting clothes and under appreciated toys? Go through your things and scale it down! You can hold a neighborhood yard sale and sell those extra items to raise money for your favorite charity. Or, you can gather them up and take them to your local Goodwill or Salvation Army store to donate.  

Be a good neighbor

Make it a point this month to be a good neighbor at home.  Along with your family, offer to help one of your older neighbors with their yard, or a project in their house. Young kids can help pull weeds or pick up small, fallen branches. You could even make a meal with your child and deliver it to a neighbor with a hand drawn card to bring a smile!

Give to a food drive

There are many area food drives that take place, such as a local food bank or your neighborhood grocery store. Pick up extra canned goods and share with your child why you are delivering food to the food bank. Your preschooler can help deliver the goods and carry light items into the food bank.

When we share these experiences with our preschoolers, it gives them a better understanding of the community in which we live. In the end, it’s not what you give, or how much you give that matters. The goal is to involve your family in giving back to others and create an attitude of gratitude. Teaching your child to give and serve will be traits that serve them well their entire lives.

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