If you don’t know Marie Barone, she is one of the characters on Everybody Loves Raymond. Marie is hilarious to all of us watching the show, but to her daughter-in-law, Deborah, Marie is everything but funny.

Marie seems to feel joy in nit-picking Deborah’s everyday life. In Marie’s eyes, Deborah is never put-together enough, nor are her kids. Deborah’s house is never clean enough, nor are her home-cooked meals good enough.

Deborah and her husband, Ray, seem to bicker a lot about Marie and how much she hurts Deborah’s feelings. And nine times out of ten, what does Ray do? Nothing. Stands there like a deer in headlights and never says a word to his mother about how she treats Deborah or how she makes her feel.

As I sat with a group of friends recently, there seemed to be many women who have a Marie Barone for a mother-in-law. Not only did they feel hurt by their mother-in-law’s words or actions, but it was also putting a strain on their marriage. They asked if I would blog about this in order to get some advice from others. I think there are many of our readers who may need advice in this area and I hope there are plenty of you who can offer some as well.

So I have some questions and I would love for you all to comment below and answer as many as you wish!  You can remain anonymous by leaving the boxes blank for your email address and name.

1. Is your mother-in-law a Marie Barone?
2. Share a humorous or horrible story with us that shows how “Marie-like” she can be!
3. Has your MIL come between you and your husband?
4. What has been done to improve the situation?
5. Is there anything that has worked in helping solve the tension your MIL brings to your marriage?
6. How do you deal with your MIL without losing your mind?

And if your MIL is NOT like Marie Barone, consider yourself lucky! Some of the stories I heard were CRAZY!!!