By Guest Blogger Sandy Harper

One of the funniest memes I’ve seen on social media recently (pictured below) was “I was the perfect parent, until I had kids.”  That was me! And much like any new mom I had specific ways things had to be done or not. Things had to be as “perfect” as possible, from how he ate to how he dressed. I did not bend easily to situations not going how I planned when it came to my little one.

This way of thinking eased as my son got older. And when I brought home baby number two, I really started loosening up. It’s not that I didn’t care about my original beliefs and thoughts on certain subjects; they just became more realistic and relaxed. Okay, they relaxed a lot!

40c6ee298c722557a254ec0c6136c5d7I am sure most moms can relate to this in some way or another. I still hold strong on my most important beliefs like health, faith and education, but I have learned to choose my battles well and “just go with it” to everything else.

Here are a few humorous examples of me “just going with it” in the last few weeks:

  • It’s now summer and 90 degrees out, my son decides he will be wearing snow boots. Okay fine, we’re running late, let’s go!
  • He recently got a new big boy bed so that his baby sister can have the crib. He insists on five different blankets, every stuffed animal he owns and a few toys to sleep with him. Fine, as long as you go to sleep!
  • For a little fun I bought a little blue kiddie pool to put in the backyard for my son to splash around in on hot days. As I started to fill the tiny pool with the garden hose, I turned around to find my toddler already stripped naked. In his mind he was ready to go. You know what, I moved that pool into the shade so he wouldn’t burn his pale bottom and told him to have fun!
  • I used to be strict on how many and what kind of treats my son ate. Though I am still a bit picky on what I give him, I am also more lenient. If a second GoGo applesauce will get us through the rest of grocery shopping without a meltdown, have at it!
  • Before my second child was born, I was against him watching much of any TV during the day. Since baby number 2 came home, I’ve had to give into this battle more often than not. As long as it is somewhat educational and he lets me finish what I need to, watch away!
  • I really try hard each week to have a meal plan ready for my family but there are still days that just go way off track and I just can’t even fathom making dinner. Load the kids up and hit the drive-thru, because if I had no energy to cook then I definitely have no energy to deal with a toddler in a restaurant!
  • I learned very quickly that my son (and this is probably true for most kids) learns best by moving, being hands on and seems happiest if he’s getting dirty. So I don’t fight against it anymore and just go with it. I hand him water, paint, dirt, etc. and tell him to have fun!
  • Finally, one of my favorite outcomes from bringing home baby number two is that the toddler wants more snuggle time with me. And you know what, I just go with it because I know it won’t last forever.

What have you found that you have loosened up on since being a new mom? What are you finding you “just go with it” now?