By Carlen Walters, Greensboro Day School parent

My youngest son asked, “Mommy, what does ‘let’ mean, as in piglet?” I said, “It means small.” He asked, “Am I a MANLET?!”

We all love our children, but as they get older we have to ask the question, do we LIKE who they are becoming?

One of the most important choices that we make as parents is the type of education our children will receive. For us, Greensboro Day School was the perfect choice.

Step onto the GDS campus and you’ll feel an energy field of happiness! Kids, teachers, parent volunteers and administrators are genuinely happy to be there, and show an obvious love for what they’re doing. Smiles, laughter, concentration, meaningful collaboration, encouragement, and expressions of mutual respect surround you.

The children are not memorizing facts, they’re learning by doing, and being empowered by their newfound knowledge. Every child learns differently which is understood at GDS, where individuality is celebrated! Uniqueness is encouraged, because the emphasis is on learning the process, rather than the end product.

How do I know GDS is the right choice? Because my boys know that they are valued here, and that everyone is on their team to help them be their personal best. GDS is like an extension of our family.

Every morning as I watch my Middle Schooler walk his little brother into the Lower School, with his arm around him, gently speaking words of encouragement, I know that I truly LIKE the people my ‘manlets’ are becoming.

Learn how your family can become part of the GDS community at an Open House for Pre-Kindergarten through 4th grade on October 23 @ 9:30 am.  Register online at or call 288-8590 for more information.

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