All moms deserve recognition for being the incredible beings that they are!  Triad Moms On Main wants to highlight local moms and give them the recognition they deserve.  Meet these local women who are making a difference in the lives of their families, friends, strangers, themselves and the community.   They might be movers, shakers, entrepreneurs, athletes, volunteers, or caregivers, but most importantly … they are moms!


Dayna Gury

Dayna is a speech therapist with the WSFCS preschool department.  She is definitely a Mom on the Move, as she is “moving and shaking” things up at home by changing the way she and her daughter eat.  Dayna recently become a “vegetarian” after reading a fantastic book by Jonathan Safran Foer, entitled Eating Animals and watching the documentary Food, Inc. with author Michael Pollan.  She went cold turkey (ha! No pun intended!) and cut all meat out of her diet…but then realized she has a 7 year-old who doesn’t necessarily share her new dietary views. She evaluted her meat intake as well. Dayna did not like all the antibiotics, steroids and growth-hormones that are in most commercial meats and dairy products. From some of the research she did, these may contribute to early puberty and weight gain, not to mention antiobiotic resistent bacteria in humans. She is now choosing to buy grass-fed organic meat and dairy. She goes to places like Whole Foods and farmers markets and enjoys supporting family farms in the process. Of course they still go out to eat at restaurants, but in the home they are watching the foods they eat.  Overall, Dayna is just trying to be a more conscientious consumer.  She says it is a lot of work and money but thinks it is worth it in the long run. Like most moms, she claims to still be a work in process and is simply trying to do the best for her family!

Stephanie Winfrey

Stephanie has a passion for educating others about health and fitness. She is well on her way, as I have heard from others how much her smile, personality, and cheerleading has affected them. Stephanie teaches group exercise programs at the YMCA.  She loves this opportunity of assisting people in getting to their goals of weight loss, strength training, endurance or overall health and fitness.  Stephanie says, “The truth is we are living longer and I want as many people who I come into contact with everyday to be here to share the joys of life with me as we age gracefully.”  Stephanie, has one child (age 5) and moved here from Detroit, MI to be near her parents.  She also works as a nurse practitioner at Wake Forest University Baptist Hospital in the Abdominal Organ Transplant Department.  She says that she loves the job of helping people after receiving a kidney or a pancreas transplant, to begin a new life.  If you are looking for a new start to your body’s health and fitness, I think Stephanie could be a huge help to you!

Christine Storch

Christine is right in the middle of volunteer craziness at the moment, as she is co-chairing the annual Festival of Trees Event, which benefits Brenner Children’s Hospital. If you have never been to this local holiday extravaganza, mark your calendar for November 19 – 21.  It is an incredible array of holiday shopping, fun for kids, and Santa!  We will have more information about this event coming to you on TMoM this weekend.  Christine is married to Bain, and has two children, Nelson (4) and Rand (2).  She spends time volunteering at their preschool and church,  St.Paul’s. Christine is also an active member of the Junior League of W-S and works part-time out of her home selling W by Worth clothing.  Be sure to find her at this year’s Festival of Trees to thank her for helping to organize such a wonderful event!

Betsy Brown

Betsy recently returned to the Triad after living in Nashville for the past four years.  She and her husband, Doug,  both received their  MBAs from Wake Forest and both pursued corporate careers until recently.  They, and their partners, decided to open and operate a brand new ACE Hardware in Greensboro.  Betsy has created a “store within a store” concept with her “Bee’s Nest Boutique” which features items for entertaining, girlfriend’s gifts, jewelry, purses, clothing, etc.  Brands such as Mudpies,  Mainstreet, Three Cheers for Girls, Lolita, Knobstoppers, and Sugar Diva provide a fun and unusual boutique within their hardware store!  Betsy is working on getting Bee’s Nest on-line as well!  She has two boys, Bailey (10), Logan (7) and a daughter Keegan (4) and you can often find all three of them “helping out” over at the store!  This is truly a family adventure, and we would love for our readers to show the Browns our support!  Go check it out!  The store is located at a cool new shopping area, The Village at North Elm at the corner of Pisgah Church Rd and North Elm Street in Greensboro.

Do you know a mom who is making a change for the better in her life?  Is she making a change in the lives of her children or family?  Is she a mover or a shaker who is doing good things for the community?  Email us and tell us about her!  We would love to feature her as part of our Main Street Moms on the Move series!