Meet three more extraordinary moms today!   We love to feature local moms who are making a difference in the lives of others or themselves.  Today we are spotlighting three completely different women who all share one commonality – they love their kids and are fabulous moms!

Enjoy reading about these mothers today, and feel free to email me at if you have a Main Street Mom on the Move who you would like us to profile!

Kim and My Kids(1)Kim Buccino

Kim is the mother of three amazing children – Tai 17, Zavier 13, Giovanni 2 ½; the wife of a WSPD Police Officer; a full time student pursuing a second degree in Psychology and a mommy blogger who is also in the process of building a motivational speaking career dedicated to moms, women, and co-parenting. Kim has adopted North Carolina as her home. With no family around, she has managed to successfully navigate and create a community for her and her family over the years. Being a divorced mother of two and remarried to her current husband thus adding a third child to their family, Kim and her husband have been successful in fostering a co-parenting relationship with her ex. Don’t be surprised if you see all parties involved present and available at all the children’s functions. Maintaining family and parent/child relationships is of paramount importance to Kim.

Kim’s career past includes, advertising sales for television and radio, creation of a successful storytelling business and a gift basket business. Under the direction of local dramaturge Nathan Ross-Freeman, Kim starred in a one woman show showcasing her original works –poems and monologues– at SECCA in 2005. Kim has also written for Forsyth Woman magazine, blogs for Piedmont Parent and recently wrote this guest blog for Triad Moms on Main. Currently Kim is an active member of the Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club Advisory Council Committee, a member of Behind the Blue Line; a spousal support group for our WSPD officers (on break and getting ready to become active again due to school) and a member of the Forsyth County Broncos board (Pop Warner Football).

With raising her children as her main focus, Kim has managed to rediscover her lifelong passion for writing and being of service to the community. This is what motivates Kim to share her story and life lessons with others. Kim believes that there are always hardships, challenges and setbacks, but it is at these moments that we need to embrace our strengths and step outside our comfort zones so that we can grow. If she can be a positive influence for her children and affect someone outside of her family in a good way then Kim believes life is good.

Jessie Alonzo

Jessie is a stay at home mom of three: Amanda, (8) and Gabrielle and Daniel (3 year old twins). She became a stay at home mom about six years ago. Living on one income was quite an adjustment, so she started college in 2007. Her twins were born at 32 weeks and as Jessie explains, “It was a REALLY rough two weeks. They were so tiny and hooked up to all sorts of machines, feeding tubes, etc. On top of daily visits to the hospital and taking care of Amanda, somehow I was able to keep my grades up! I remember working on class work from my hospital bed while I recovered from my double delivery (I had both a natural and an emergency c-section).”

Jessie has always been a frugal shopper and realized that others could benefit from her experiences being a one income family. She started a blog where she will match up all the grocery deals with the available coupons and teach HOW to use the coupons in the best way to save the most.  This is a passion of Jessie’s, as she loves spending less on necessities so they have money for extras (strawberry picking, zoo trips).  Jessie also loves helping others save as much money as I do so she even started offering coupon workshops and private coupon classes!  Jessie says it sounds crazy, but when she sees someone paying a lot more then they have to at the store it makes her sad!  (Jessie, you would cry a river if you were next to me at the checkout!)

She just completed her AA at Forsyth Tech and will be starting at UNCG this fall! She loves her family and enjoys staying busy. She always jokes that she won’t know what to do with myself if she didn’t have 20 screens open on her computer and a phone that keeps alerting her to texts and emails!

Anna Smith

Anna is an interior designer in Greensboro who graduated from UNC-G’s Interior Architecture program in 2001. Her specialty is kitchen/bath design and construction. Anna’s passion has always been product design, which is why she gravitated towards the kitchen/bath industry and construction.  At the end of the day there was an actual “product!”  She also has a passion for pillows. She says she would have a million if her husband would let her have that many in her house. She says it is the perfect way to have many different colors/patterns, etc. in your home with out being too busy.

Anna has two small children Jordan (4) and Sophia (23 months).  She wanted to be able to stay home with them more but still be able to have an income. In February, she launched her pillow line Busy Day Studio at a charity event for Habitat for Humanity. Then it was featured in the CR Laine furniture showroom at the furniture market in April. Her pillows are slip covers featuring felt appliqués, buttons, ribbon, etc. They are customizable with different colors and patterns. Even though she just launched the business, they have already been featured in several blogs and in an event in Canada.

As if having a family, being an interior designer, and teaching the three year old mission friends class at church wasn’t enough to keep her busy, Anna also chairs a committee with the Junior League. Along, with the pillows, she appliqués greeting cards, straw totes and is currently working on developing a pillow line for children. Stop by her etsy site to see the designs or let her come up with a custom design especially for you. These are absolutely adorable!  You will love them.  Go to Mention you saw Anna on Triad Mom’s on Main and receive a 50% on your first order!